We don’t grow up we just grow old

Being a parent allows you to get away with a few things in life. You are able to watch cartoons, play with Lego, bake fairy cakes, build duvet fortresses and pretend to be a Power Ranger and a butterfly –at the same time– to just name a few. It gives you the perfect excuse if you look like you have been dragged through a hedge and had several rounds with Mike Tyson if you  have not had time to brush your hair, find a matching pair of socks or make yourself look relatively presentable to the adult world.

Being a parent also give you this inbuilt sense of duty to embarrass anyone, particularly friends or family, on their birthday. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you are expected to produce ridiculous photos or objects that will make your loved one feel so special they go bright red in the face. And today I am to full fill that duty.

Miss Bronagh Harrison has been a part of my life for a very long time. She is one of my most closest and best friends I have. She is also the winner of being the tallest female friend I have. With her gorgeous long red hair and beautiful sexy face she has seen me through some of my worst and best times, I can not ever thank her enough for being awesome and I love her dearly. And today she turns twenty-two which is unlucky for her as no one escapes my motherly instincts.

This is us now ( after one or four drinks )Image

And this was us eight years ago


We look like the coolest kids in town right?!

Love you B

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