Cake, cake and more cake…..

One cake…

Two cakes…

Three cakes…





I think I can say that I am honestly bored of cake right now; I feel so fat and I have weigh in on Monday! As you may have guessed it was somebody’s birthday yesterday. It was my beautiful not so little Elliot’s fifth birthday! As a young parent I have had a lot to ‘prove’ to a lot of people and as every year goes by with my children growing up into wonderful crazy little people it makes me happy and proud to say ‘Yep and I made them’!

We spent the day opening presents, having tantrums, enjoying cake and visiting the farm! Elliot proclaimed that it was ‘The best birthday EVER’… so I don’t think we did too badly!




Now onto the nitty gritty; I spoke last time about getting into gear and kicking myself up my own backside! Seriously need to get back on track with being healthy!

Chris and I have had words and we on the same level, we don’t really need to loose weight (mainly body fat) but we need to be more healthy and we are going to do it together!!!! 😀  (He needed to start training for his spartan run anyway) He is fortunate enough to have a free gym at his work that he can use during his lunch breaks so in the way of being more active he has the upper hand. However he has just downloaded a couple of nifty little apps on his phone so to keep track of the amount of sit ups and press ups he does daily with each day progressing to work out for longer!!!! And I…well.. I thought that maybe I should get over my fear of getting hot and sweaty in front of other people and that maybe I should get on and do something other than my walking ( I can easily clock up 15,000 steps on a school day and 5-7000 on a lazy weekend/half terms ) so I’ve agreed to do the 30 day squat challenge. Just done Day 1 and it was a doddle. Bring on day 30! NOT
squat-challengeWe have also agreed that I will count ProPoints Monday to Thursday at 26pp. Fridays; we are BOTH having a filling and healthy day. The weekends are relaxed eating/pointing. We’re going to try and drink more water and only drink diet fizzy/energy drinks during the week and have full fat/sugar at the weekends if we want.

Wish up luck!

It’s going to be a challenge but together I know we can do it… In the words of Tenacious D   ‘That’s fucking team work!!!!!!!!!


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    1. Thank you he had a brilliant day. Yeah Chris is a star all I have to do is ask and he will always help me out 🙂 It’s just taking that first step to ask

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