Foodie finds!!!

I was so excited when I found these goodies in Tesco today!!! It’s no where near summer but that does not mean that you can’t have ice lollies or ice creams!!

For the big and little kids we have these awesome Star Wars Light Saber ice lollies. The kids had so much fun pretending one was the goody and the other the bady!! The strawberry one is 2pp and the lemon and lime is only 1pp!!!!



Next we have Oreo style cornettos!!! Im not a massive fan of them to very honest but jumped at the opportunity to buy them half price for the other half! And they’re only 5pp!


Lastly we have these absolutely lush limited edition Creme Brulee Mini Magnums!! At only 4pp these heavenly naughty treats are a must if you can find them. Definitely worth the money!!


I also found this breakfast ‘drink’:


The other half didn’t mind his chocolate flavored one but I very nearly threw up when I had this caramel latte one. I couldn’t even get a quarter way through it.Don’t buy it. Ever. It was gross. And if you do at least I warned you.

Also, I feel like my legs are going to fall off. Im on day what ever It is of the squat challenge and this meant it was 130 squats to do today. Combined with extra achey legs from doing a simple one mile run yesterday ( in ten minutes though and I have not ran for a good 6 months) has not made for happy thighs!!

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    1. They are arnt they AND the kids loved them!!! Yeah all these foods are new in the shops 🙂
      My legs still hurt now! Im determined to finish the full 30 days!!!!

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