The book count

Four very exciting stories!

If you have been keeping up with My List then you will be more than aware that one of the activities I want to achieve is to read as many books as possibly in the one year time frame and I have already read four brilliant books! Let me know if you have read any of them and what you thought!!! I personally loved How It Ended; lots of short stories on the messed up social situations and life matters that we manage to get ourselves in to.

Be sure to keep checking back as I have two or three very exciting posts coming up in the next few days regarding crossing not one but two! things off My List!…..and if you still have no idea what list I am referring to make sure you click on the link at the top of this page titled 24 before 24!
See ya around Randomers,
Carla X

9 thoughts on “The book count

  1. I read the fault in our stars and I knew I was going to be crying through this and I did. I’m not one for these types of novels (I prefer the supernatural and chick lit) but this was amazing. I still haven’t seen the movie though. I will say one things I picked up on some clues the author gave to help me prepare for the twists before they were there in the readers face and I still cried. I wanted to try and read some of his other novels, but they don’t interest me.

  2. Well done with your reading I belong to two book clubs which is great. We get our book from the library. I have got a board on Pinterest if you can find me take a peek as I am sure you will find something x

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