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My Ice Bucket Challenge

Good afternoon everyone!

Just a quick post from me today but I thought I should share with you all my Ice Bucket Challenge.

Normally I wouldn’t par take in activity like this I absolutely hate being splashed in the face which I am sure you can tell by my twitchy hands. However, this is all in good fun and if it prompts more people to donate to the Motor Neuron Disease charity then I am more than willing to help. My friend E has been suffering with chronic migraines, loss of sensation in her limbs and generally her nervous system seems to be failing her; this is absolutely terrifying and we are all so very concerned about her. She is being tested for MND ( or ALS if you live in the States) and MS and they have yet to come to a diagnosis. By donating you will be helping research teams figure out a way of slowing down the process and understanding neurological diseases better which is turn can lead to quicker diagnosis and a better chance of being able to manage the degenerative illnesses.

As you can see my lovely children helped me out they had great fun doing it and I loved !!!!hated!!!!!!!!!!! doing it too! I have nominated 3 people who absolutely love our friend E and I am hoping they will be able to donate and raise awareness too!

If you would like more information on the disease or would like to donate and don’t know how please check out the website



Thank you for watching and please remember this isn’t any old trend going through the motions, there are many people in the motor with neurological diseases and without funding the charity’s can not continue to help everyone.

Thank you



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