The Troublesome Three Summer List

Our summer list.

Take part in the reading challenge at the library

Have a picnic in the park

Visit family in Coventry

Go to warwick castle

Visit a museum

Visit an art gallery

Play in a park

Feed the ducks

Bike ride

Paint a canvas

Play in sand

Bake a cake

Have a party

Build a den

Water play

Make play dough

Have a funky hair style for a day

As you may have seen in previous posts the 6 week summer holiday is shared between me and the children’s dad. This means we get 3 weeks each to enjoy with the children leaving little time for the typical ‘I’m bored’ moments. At the end of the school term me and the children sat down to brainstorm what we would like to do in the three weeks they were with me. The most imaginative ideas came from Elliot ranging from dying his hair pink to turning himself into a dinosaurs obviously neither of these options are particularly viable but we did have a giggle imagining what it would be like!

We are in our final summer week together and we have made a massive dent in the list with most ideas being free; this really helped. Tune back in on the blog at the beginning of September to see if we crossed everything off our list!

Can you tell what we have been up to so far just by looking at our pictures????

Carla x



9 thoughts on “The Troublesome Three Summer List

          1. Where was it? I built a small wooden model one over ten years ago – it was less than a foot tall and I never tried it with fireballs šŸ˜Æ

  1. This looks like so much fun! šŸ™‚ It’s wonderful to hear that you’re spending time with your children. They’ll keep these memories for the rest of their lives. xx

  2. I totally wish my mom would have done that when I was a kid. Not to say I didn’t enjoy wandering aimlessly around the neighborhood for weeks on end, but those things all sound like loads of fun.

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