How to make an Olaf cake

Here is my walk through on how I made an awesome Olaf cake. Perfect for any little or big Frozen fan!!! Do you want to build a snowman?

First things first you need to build up his features.
Use strawberry straws a bit like laces to make his arms, cover in chocolate flavour fondant. Eat fondant;  realise it doesn’t taste too bad. Pause. Watch the first episode of The Strain. Comfort eat the rest of said strawberry straws because you’re minorly freaked out. Figure it’s a bit late to start making delicate carrot noses at 11pm. Sleep.



Next, ply yourself with plenty of caffeine and mould two eyes, mouth, teeth and eyebrows. It’s ok to go out shopping before the next stage you know. Come home and warm a blob of white fondant in your hands, add a mix of yellow and red food dyes into the icing because buying orange colouring is cheating. Mould into an odd carrot shape and leave to dry out. Giggle that poor Olafs nose is looking a bit umm droopy shall we say.

Make up a madiera cake with lots of glacé cherries as you know you suck at making a victoria sponge successfully. Reward yourself with a nice long rest when the cakes come out the oven beautifully. Sleep.


Realise you don’t actually have enough cake for Olafs body. Remake another sponge. Don’t panic when the mixture is thicker than the previous days cake. Add a little milk; it will all be fine. Take the cake out the oven. Try to avoid looking horrified when it looks more like a rock cake than a lovely soft sponge because you totally meant to make it that way.

You then need to mix equal amounts of butter and icing sugar to make the buttercream. Taste the buttercream. Make a cup of tea.



Now for the tricky part. Sandwich the cake together with buttercream and cut edges to make a more rounded snowball shape. Add a layer of the cream to the top surface of the cake to avoid all those crumbs going everywhere. Some people call this a crumb coat I call it boring.

After a few about 6 hours you can start on the final stage; adding the top layer of fondant.  Roll out a block of white fondant Olaf sized. Place said fondant on to the cake and smooth down any bubbles. Add your premade facial and body features including that droopy nose.


Remember you’ve forgotten to make his hair. Roll out chocolate fondant into spiking hair and place on top of his head.



When anybody asks about his cheeks just mention that he is absolutely full of cake. And that scary look he is portraying….well it is nearly Halloween!

Now to wait for my little birthday girls reaction!!!!

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  1. WOW! This is the cutest thing ever!! I am so absolutely trying this for my girl’s next birthday! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!!

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