Mirabilia Organic Olive Leaf Tea Review

Today I wanted to inform you about something I was lucky enough to try out a little while ago.  Majority of people love a good cup of tea right? But do you stick to the standard ‘english breakfast’ tea bags you can buy in your local supemarket or do you branch out into the wide variety of flavoured teas made from the leaves of different plants. Are you brave enough to venture into the world of loose tea? I did and I love it. Olive Leaf Tea bought to you by the brand Mirabilia is an organic, tanin and caffeine free loose tea grown and hand picked in the olive groves in Abruzzo, Italy.


Doesn’t sound too appealing olive tea does it? I was sceptical about the taste I’m used to my english breakfast, earl grey, peppermint and chai teas but I am so glad I shook myself out of the childish mind set of that it would be gross without even trying it….Mind over matter and all that jazz…… although I must admit it did feel like a luxury digging the cafetiere!


Opening the packet I was surprised by quiet a fruity smell, sweet almost despite the leaves being rather hard like bark. After leaving the tea to brew for about 5 minutes I poured myself a large drink to enjoy whilst I sat down and relaxed for a while! Looks good doesn’t it? And it was good; it was light and refreshing, a bit sweet and it didn’t leave any bitter after tastes like other teas have done before. My friends won’t try it they’re still a bit wary of it but I can assure you once you get over the initial fact that it isn’t your average tea you’ll love it. I am definitely buying more once I’ve finished this batch!


Be sure to check out Mirabilia Tea site http://www.oleaft.com/olive-leaf-tea or @mirabiliaTea on twitter

…..I was sent a packet of loose tea for the purpose of this review, all opinions expressed are my own……

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