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Are you a Naanster?

That is the question penned on the back of a clever and delicious hot or cold Indian inspired snack that I was offered the chance to try for free a little while ago. I had written this post alongside a few others and my silly blogging platform hadn’t actually published them and I hadn’t noticed! Gutted is an understatement!

So what exactly is a Naanster anyway I hear you say!

Naanster is a unique and convenient handmade snack that comes in four tasty Indian flavours! Made with freshly cooked naan bread, our Naansters are filled with fluffy pilau rice with a topping of meat or vegetables and smothered in a Tikka, Madras, Rogan Josh or Balti sauce. To finish and complement the entire Naanster, we add a little mango chutney! 

I was sent two each of each flavour which had come at a really good time. I had been missing lunch or tea because I was so busy and I didn’t have time to cook a microwave meal. I needed food that was warm, filling and that would actually taste of something. Bung a curry filled pitta/naan into the microwave for about a minute and bobs your uncle I had some tassstttteeey food.
Many convenience foods don’t tend to have much in the way of filling; a blt sandwich may only have half a slice of bacon in it or a cheese and onion pasty won’t even contain a teaspoon of cheese. Needless to say I was impressed with the amount of curry and rice that was actually inside the naan bread!

I think my favourite flavour was the Balti one. It was so rich in flavour and the beef pieces were so soft and not chewy like some beef can be! It made me think of how much I really enjoy having a cheeky takeaway with a yummy curry and a warm soft naan; oh yes I can so have this for lunch now and not even feel guilty about it. So overall, yes, I do think I am indeed a Naanster now!

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