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Wicked Wednesdays

This week I’m taking part in the Wicked Wednesdays Linky! To find out more about this fun little linky click the icon at the bottom of this page and be ready to have a giggle!


Yesterday marked my daughters 5th birthday and I decided to throw her a mini surprise party. However my little man got bored after a little while; he just wanted to read his book but he was NOT allowed to go upstairs to his room and be unsociable. 15 minutes later I find him hiding in the corner of the living room reading Harry Potter; busted! Cheeky so and so! He tried to deny it but I have the proof right here!

Caught him reading!



5 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesdays

  1. I wouldn’t worry about him too much as it’s unusual these days for children to read books. His imagination is getting a workout if nothing else, you have obviously taught him well or he’d have just disappeared up to his room anyway.

    1. I’ll never discourage reading but it was a party after all. Think it was a happy medium between what both he and I wanted!

  2. Oh bless him, I was the same as a child – always found with my nose in a book. So lovely to see a child with a love for reading 🙂

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