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Just a quick post for now but I really wanted to share something with you now that the dreaded C word is upon us! A little while ago I was offered the chance to try out two pre-mix jars from the lovely Benedicts Bakery for half price! I love baking and trying out new recipes but sometimes it’s a little bit of a faff going to the shops and trying to justify buying a massive bag of raisins when you only need 20grams worth for a new bake you’re not even sure you will enjoy eating once baked.

So what and who exactly is Benedicts Bakery I hear you shout?

Benedict’s Bakery is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We are a family business who are passionate about baking! We will always put our customers first and be flexible to any needs.  We are affordable and reliable when bringing you cute baking gifts!

Products range from pancake mixes to cookie mixes, including gluten free jars. I was lucky enough to try out the fruit & nut flapjack mix and the chocolate chip cookie mix! The products were delivered in the post promptly and were very well wrapped to prevent any breakages which I was a bit anxious about. Both mixes were incredibly easy to use with an instructions label and an ingredients label attached  with a cute red ribbon. Once cooked both cookies and flapjacks were demolished in barely any time at all; I think that speaks for itself really!

In the true spirit of making do and mending the ribbons were re-purposed as hair ribbons for my little lady and the jars are now used as storage jars for button and beads!

Be sure to have a look over on their website as I really think these cute little jars would be perfect as Christmas presents but do make sure you order with enough time to spare for delivery before Christmas!

If you’re on the twittersphere find them at @benedictsbakery and say hello

Tasty goodness!

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