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As some of you know as well as a Mumma and a Blogger I’m also a Hairdressing Student. I’ve had a love of all things hair from my early teens so I was delighted when I got to try RUSK Deepshine Oil Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner. I’m in love with all the RUSK products and only use RUSK dye on my hair.


Now you may have seen earlier on in the year that I had various colours in my hair. It looked amazing but it’s left my hair really chemically damaged. I already suffer from stress based alopecia and the constant bleaching on my already fine hair was doing it no good at all. Needless to say it’s dry and tangles up far too much for my liking.
However after using the shampoo and conditioner for about a week my hair started to feel really smooth which is a very rare occurrence after the torment I’ve put my hair through. My hair generally feels quite coarse and can be a nightmare to de-tangle after washing but I found that by using both the shampoo and conditioner the combing process whilst drying and styling my hair was so much easier with this result continuing throughout the day as my hair did not become so knotty; despite the adverse weather outside this winter. The shampoo created a nice lather and the conditioner did not slid out of my hand whilst I was in the shower. I loved that the products did not smell overly feminine. Often I find that that a lot of shampoos can smell very flowery and this can be off putting for men to use, so this would be a great all rounder for everyone to use.
Sometimes it can be difficult to really see results from a product whilst your hair is still wet but I could see that my hair was a lot shinier before it dried. I had friends and family commenting on how shiny and healthy my hair looked!


I love that these products are gentle on the scalp and hair which in turn means that I was able to safely use the shampoo and conditioner on my childrens hair. I have severe eczema and I’m very prone to reactions from shampoos, factor in the alopecia means that I am always anxious of the chemicals in hair products. The lack of sulphates in the RUSK products and the right amount of Argan oil meant that my hair looked really healthy without my scalp and skin having a reaction! Bonus!
The only problem I can see with these products is the retail price. After some research I found that it averaged between £8-£15 per 250ml tube. Now in my opinion this is a lot of money for something that is used nearly daily but on the flip side you do get what you pay for and I would highly recommend the shampoo and particularly the conditioner to any one with dry and damaged hair.

What do you use on your hair? Have you tried out RUSK before?






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  1. This sounds great, my hair is severely neglected, which is due in part to my concern about animal testing by heir product manufacturers. Do you have any idea of the ethical credentials of rusk? If they’re good I might invest and give my hair some well needed TLC 😉

    1. As far as I’m aware they do not. I had researched this before and i was surprised about how many companies do test on animals x

  2. And this is why I don’t dye or do chemically stuff with my hair. I don’t have as many problems with my hair as you do with yours–mine is just really, really dry, and so I have to go with the extra moisturizing conditioners. Expensive enough for me. I’m glad you found a good product for your hair. And thank you for liking my post. I quit relate to your blog–I find it difficult to blog about specific things, too.

  3. This sounds fantastic! I’ve never heard of this before but will be looking out for it. I usually use the Aussie range and love that but it’s always great to have a change. #WeekendBlogHop

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