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Hello my little Randomers,

I hope you have been keeping well, I know I have been behind on the blogging but it’s all for good reasons.

How many of you have tried to listen to some music on your phone or MP3 player ( shower my age here….) and had the trouble of having a handful of wires?! It’s so incredibly frustrating trying to unravel and de-knot my earphone wires. By the time they are ready to connect to my music device I am already at my destination.

Frustrating wires!



You can imagine my delight when the lovely Heather from Heart Felt Plush offered me the chance to review her Giraffe Ear Bud Holder!

How cute does it look! And neat too! I am so chuffed with my little nifty ear bud holder and I have been showing it off everywhere I go. I am a big fan of things that make life easier and having my wires wrapped around all neatly has really helped calm the stress levels when I am in a rush to get my headphones out my pocket! The craftsmanship is amazing and the attention to detail is astonishing. This little fellow has been dropped, pulled about, shoved into bags and pockets and is still in perfectly condition. That is when you know something is of good quality and I love the fact that it can be added to my keys so I don’t loose it. The colours are perfectly suited and all the children I’ve spoken to can clearly tell it is a giraffe!


How cute is this?


Look at the detail!


You can check out others like the one I have here!

Heather was also kind enough to send this little hedgehog hair clip for my daughter too. I still can not get over quite how detailed and gorgeous it is; I am afraid I wish to keep it for myself!

Hair clippie


Be sure to have a look at Heathers sites:

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