How Do You Like My Juggling?

Well hello there!

It seems like it’s been a very long time since I’ve been able to sit down and write for my blog. In the last few months I have gone from having a free wordpress site to being self hosted and I now have full control over my little space of the internet. It’s incredibly satisfying but I have been so disheartened that I have not had the time, energy or patience to sit down and play around to get my pages how I would like them to be, add in the lack of new blog posts it seemed like I made the move a little too prematurely. I have been trying to juggle my rather hectic life!

It hardly seems like we are in March already. If you follow me on my twitter you will have seen that I started my first ever job, since having my children, at the beginning of the year. I had been searching around for what seems like a very long time and I was offered a job after a successful interview and trial which obviously I snapped up. It is not the most ideal job for me physically but armed with pain killers and stubbornness I have persevered. I’ve had a little trouble with my moods and concentration as of late which has affected my performance at work but also at home. I am hoping I can get a grasp on reality again and start to relax a bit. My anxiety has been creeping up on me at the most inappropriate times and I would kindly like it to feck off now. I enjoy my work despite finding it difficult at times but I am proud to be bringing in some money for me and my children. Living on my own is hard work and finding childcare at times has been so difficult but between friends and family I think I’m just about into a routine which seems to be minimising the stress of worrying about my children so much.

I am also now over half way into my Hairdressing course. I have successfully completed all my online exams and having learnt all that we are to learn I now have around 25 physical assessments on real life people to complete including a full day hair and beauty show in May. The overall theme for the show is Modern Vs Vintage with my classes sub-theme being 1950’s rockabilly. I am so excited to dress and style up my friend who is a willing model for me but I am keeping quiet about my ideas as it is also a competition!

My health as taken several turns for the worst but so did my sons. Less than a month ago my son was rushed to hospital to have emergency surgery to remove a perirectal abscess. This is not the first time one of my children has had to have emergency surgery and go under a general anaesthetic; whilst on my blogging break my daughter had to have surgery also. My little man is just about better now despite the increased risk of having the abscess again with only a bit of scarring to show for all the pain and terrifying time that was had. I would like to thank my friends, family and twitter friends for supporting me at such a traumatic time. Maybe I will be able to write about it but as off this moment it makes me feel sick purely thinking about both experiences.

As for my health, well I’m not sure what I can say. I have finally been able to get myself a dermatology appointment after such a long while and I’m am really pushing for a re-referral to rheumatology as I’m really not sure all my aches and pains are Fibromyalgia related. The combination of new routines and stresses left me feeling incredibly overwhelmed, I felt I was loosing track of days and my mood quivered. I became slightly manic. I was terrified. The last time I was manic I nearly lost everything good in my life. But I made the right move, I got hold of my doctor and prevented things from progressing. I’m not often proud of myself but I am so chuffed I was able to recognise the signs and get help as soon as I could. I proved I could look after myself I could battle my demons.  I have changed my pick and mix of daily tablets quite a few times so far this year and I lose count of what I have tried and what I haven’t; this hasn’t helped to keep me feeling stable in any sense but I have however managed to lose about 10lbs in weight. Bonus. One concotion I had around a month ago left my nearest and dearest fearing the worst. I had an incredibly bad reaction to one tablet in particular which left me with stroke like symptoms for around a week, which can I add is pretty freaking terrifying, however after a lot of bed rest I recovered well with only a slight lip twitch to contend with.

It has not all been bad though. I helped my lovely friend Leigh celebrate her little boys birthday and even helped to get #hugoslegacy trending on twitter. I’ve attend a blogging meet up alone and I went to the Good Food Eat Well show. My extended family and I are closer than we have been for a while and I’ve successfully roped friends into letting me touch their hair, oh and I still have a job!

I have a lot to look forward to this year including a special day trip next month for little mans 7th birthday! I’ve also sorted out day trips to The Gadget Show, The Big Outdoor Show and Olympia Beauty to name a few. I’m attending a few blogging events and I’ll qualify from my course in June ( on my birthday! ).

I have also booked my first ever holiday this summer for me and the kids. Plus two. Yes I did just write plus two. Two very important people in mine and my children’s lives again and have been for some time now. I’m not sure why I was anxious about writing about it but I can safely say that the amazing Chris and his cheeky little chappy Corey are most definitely a part of our lives again as if nothing had ever changed. If you forget the little matter that we don’t actually live together. Chris is my rock always has been always will be and I don’t care whether he likes it or not he’s stuck with me now! Who knows maybe this year will also bring us closer in more than one way?!





Times are tough and I’m constantly telling myself I can’t add any more things into my current juggling act. Then life throws three more things and I carry on managing just about. There’s plenty of curse words along the route but I honestly feel like this year might be my best so far.


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25 thoughts on “How Do You Like My Juggling?

    1. Me inspiring? I just do what I do!

      And tank you for Saturday, you helped me keep calm in a stressful situation!

      1. But I could never do all of that – I’m rubbish with kids and I definitely couldn’t style someone’s hair to look good 🙂

        Saturday was fun and i’m glad I helped! x

        1. And I could never make or design all the beautiful crafts that you create.
          We are have our skills I guess! 😀

  1. I totally echo that! You are inspiring! I cannot even begin to think about where I would start with going out and getting a job or doing a course especially one like hairdressing. I am sorry to hear about the bad times but it does sound like you have come out the other side of it with your smile and sanity still intact! Dont worry about the blog, it will come together in time! Has take me 6 years to actually start sorting things like pages out! X x

    1. Thanks Emma, I am really trying to keep on top of things. Keep having a few moments where I wish to throw the towel in but Chris in particular manages to help snap me out of it. I’m not sure about being inspiring I’m just doing what I need to do 🙂

  2. Wow. Can I say that?
    Wait…just did. But wow.

    Just now connected on twitter, so I thought I’d come check out the link. Carla, you both inspire and scare the Carol outta me!
    (Good way, promise)

    Talk about a rollercoaster ride.

    I wish you all the best, all the luck and all the love for you and your little ones.

    Jaime Buckley

  3. Just remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and Burton women are strong. Love you x

    1. Thank you so much Natalie. I don’t often feel strong but I carry on and that’s what matters I guess

  4. Wow, you have loads on your plate but are clearly thinking positive too. I take my hat off to you. Well I would if I was wearing one. All the very best to you and have a virtual medal for juggling from me

  5. Great post and a very inspiring one for others who juggle their lives. It’s easy to get bogged down with it but sounds like you’re doing well and thinking positively. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky

  6. Carla Carla Carla…..where to begin.

    I really feel like I have found a gem in you in so many ways. As an employer, it is hard finding the right employees that are dedicated and can commit to their role. Being a single-isn mum, studying, working and facing the day to day challenged life throws at us, as well as holding down a part-time job, you really are an inspirational and positive face of the future for young people everywhere.

    Not many people go out there and take on so much, constantly challenging themselves to do more, to learn more, to grow more and what a positive example you set for your children who will see the wonderful life and road you are paving for them.

    Thank you for being a part of my creation and I hope that with all the challenges you face, you will continue to create your own wonderful creations and soon, you will definitely reap the benefits, I am sure and certain of that and I am sure and certain that success is written on your Book of Life.

    I received an email from you which I read this morning and saw your link to your blog and decided to take a look around and came across this particular one which I felt a pull to respond to.

    Don’t give up, regardless of how tough you feel things get. You are a strong powerful and determined young lady and a lot of people can learn and will learn from your experiences, challenges, successes and writings. WELL DONE 🙂

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