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I little while ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Mr nutcase asking if I would like to review their products and services. Now being the ever so very slightly clumsey person I am I am more than often dropping my phone once or twice or five or six times a day I thought this might be a great chance to get myself a phone case and protect my lovely phone from my less than lovely hands. I was sent a voucher code free of charge in order to purchase the phone cover of my choice and explore their website. I was really surprised to see just how much variety of cases there was for the type of phone I have with plenty of preset beautiful designs to choose from. I was even more elated when I found I could personalise the back of my cover instead os choosing a set design.

Needless to say, being the perfectionist I was actually able to create my case just how I wanted it. I opted for a leather look wrap around case to protect all angles of my phone and added photographs by easily linking up to my personal facebook account. I was even able to choose the colour of the background for around my pictures; I choose a dark purple. I was really chuffed when I saw that it wouldn’t cost me more if I added more than one or two photographs to my design unlike other personlisation sites I have seen. The whole process only took around 15minutes, 10 of those being down to me fiddling around with which pictures I actually wanted and where!!

mr nutcase review
Lots of photos of my nearest & dearest!

Delivery was pretty amazing too. I would normally expect to wait around a week for a personalised gift but within two days I had my new phone case ready to use! Talk about speedy service.

Like I previously mentioned I am a tad clumsey and the phone case has definately been put through it’s paces. One month on and it still looks brand new. The quality of this product really is fantastic and I wouldn’t hestitate to order from them again for my other devices.


mr nutcase review
Look at that stitching!

So who is Mr Nutcase?

Mr nutcase is an online store offering preset or personalised mobile phone, tablet and macbook cases. They offer their services for a wide range of manufacturers and models whilst giving the customer plenty of easy to use online tools to help them choose the best case for them.

Find more on information on their site here

mr nutcase review






4 thoughts on “Mr Nutcase Phone Case Review

    1. Thank you Donna. It is a combination of photo’s of us all over the last 3 years 😀
      Very chuffed

    1. I went years without one and then I did smash my phone. Had this phone still went another nearly year without one; now I wouldn’t be without it!

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