What would I do If I could do anything…

I haven’t blogged much in the last few months but I’ve been pretty active on social media so I haven’t gone completely a.w.o.l       I’ve been super busy and I can’t wait to tell you all about it all. In the mean time, I’ve been tagged by the lovely Sam at Stressed Mum

If I could live anywhere…..

I would try to find a nice large house out in one of the local villages near to where I live now. I love the idea of being on the outskirts of a busy town, enough traffic and people to keep the place lively but not so far out into the country that we end up in the middle of no where alone.


If I could have any home…..

The house would have to be fairly large one with 5 or 6 bedrooms as I would love for my children to have their own room and still have the option of having guests stay. I also think that having more than one bathroom might help us out a bit, especially in the mornings! I wouldn’t be too fussed about having too many living areas within the house though it would just end up being more for me to clean up.


If I could have any garden…….

This is a tricky one. I love flowers and bushes and trees but I’m allergic to most tree and grass pollens. I would love a Secret Garden themed area with lots of pretty flowers surrounding a lovely little seating area that all the birds would love to come and play in. I wouldn’t want a tennis court or a swimming pool but a grassy area large enough to put a few climbing frames and large trampolines on would be pretty awesome.

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  If I could be on holiday right now……

I would be in New Zealand. I have always wanted to visit as all the pictures and videos I’ve seen make the place out to be absolutely stunning. I am literally on the other side of the world so it would cost a fortune to travel there but maybe one day I will be able to check it off my bucket list.  

If I could have any job…….

I wouldn’t have a job. If I could get paid for doing my average day-to-day tasks that would be great thanks. I’m in my mid twenties and I still don’t know what I want to be when grow up!

 If I could have any talent…..

In June I finished my level 2 Hairdressing qualification. I’m so chuffed with myself that I managed to get to the end despite some set backs. I would love to be able to extend on my new-found skills with cutting hair and colouring hair. I so often see high-profile hairdressers doing everything at the speed of light, just like magic. I’d love to be able to do that too.

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If I could live any day again……

I’m not sure I would want to repeat any days again but If I could I would love to be able to meet my children for the first time but under less stressful circumstances.


If I could have any superpower…..

It would be the power to stop any arguments in their tracks. Nines out of ten, the noise level in my household isn’t from the tumble drier or the washing machine on nonstop it’s generally from the children bickering over whose turn it is to roll the dice or someone not following the rules properly. If I could just stop them from escalating their debates the house would seem much calmer on a much more regular basis!



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10 thoughts on “What would I do If I could do anything…

  1. Hope you have been ok lovely, glad you are back. And huge congratulations on getting your level 2 its a huge achievement and if you want to achieve that styling confidence xxx

    1. Thank you for your helping at the start it was so lovely to be able to just tweet a question- you’re a star!!!!!
      I’ve been ill and having a really stressful time but I’m glad to be writing again!

  2. Welcome back, I have just had a bit of a break and throwing myself right into it again now and it feels good! Well done on your hairdressing! I am in my second year of uni at the moment so i am sympathetic! I am putting together a post at the moment all about women in business so you should stop by when its out.

    Lovely to read your blog!

    Charlotte x

    1. Thank you for poping by!
      If you give me a tweet ( @carlaRTOATSblog ) when you’ve put the post up I would love to read it!

  3. Hey Carla,
    I can totally see myself doing this tag sometime this month! Will link back to your blog. Thanks for visiting me. Wow, you know hairdressing! The Secret Garden theme is exactly what I want to do with my front and back yards but my place is pretty open and not surrounded by a forest at the back. So, I figured I should stick to fantasy – Alice In Wonderland type. Let’s see … Fall is probably when I’ll start thinking garden when there are less bugs to worry about. Have a wonderful weekend and the rest of the week ahead.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      Oooo an Alice in Wonderland themed garden would be amazing, with the mix of red and white roses!!!!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Those are pretty flowers. And I’m older than you and STILL don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. 🙂

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