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Target 100,000 Cervical Smear Test Campaign

Target 100,000

Today I want to write and tell all you lovely people about the Target 100,000 campaign launching today. I briefly spoke mentioned on the GynaeCheck blog post I wrote a little while ago but now all can be revealed!

Target 100,000 is a health campaign which aims to get more women involved with cervical screening (also known as smear tests). This campaign which has been launched by GyaneHealth UK, in partnership with their new alternative at home product GynaeCheck, aims to offer an alternative to the NHS cervical screening programme.

Every year in the UK, one million women miss their smear test. That is an incredible amount of people missing their appointments, for a test that can actually detect for high risk strains of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), the virus which leads to around 99.7% of cervical cancers. Independent research as shown that by offering these women an at home self screening kit can increase the amount of women likely to participate in have a smear test by around 10%. It has been estimated that by offering GynaeCheck in the UK could help around 100,000 more women to be screened and thus detecting early enough for any small sign of HPV or other types of virus!!! In the UK, 3,064 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year, and around 919 women die from the disease. This means that2-3 women die from cervical cancer every day in the UK with many of these women diagnosed after having missed or by not going to their GP for their smear tests.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional smear test run by the NHS but by raising the awareness of the programme and equally offering an at home screening test we can help to change the attitude of the women missing this vital test every year.

I wrote about the exciting new gadget GynaeCheck here but here’s a short recap about the gadget:

  • Avoids the need to make an appointment at the doctors
  • Minimises the time needed to carry out the test
  • Overcomes the embarrassment felt by many women with a conventional test
  • Ensures privacy for sample collection
  • Avoids any discomfort in obtaining a sample as the woman is in control
  • Just as reliable as the NHS Screening Programme

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So what are you waiting for women?! We now have two options readily available to us (although one may set us back a few pennies) that can help save our lives. Husbands, sons and grandfathers try to make the women in your life understand the importance of being screened, not only will they be checking their health but it could well lead to early detection of cancer cells and if detected early enough 99% of cervical cancers can be treated and cured!!

Do you put off your smear test? Do you have to remind your partner to attend their appointments?


4 thoughts on “Target 100,000 Cervical Smear Test Campaign

  1. My close group of friends and I have recently been through these tests as we’ve all turned 25 in the same year (only 1 is left to do it early next year) and it’s really not bad at all. It’s uncomfortable for like 2 minutes and then you’re done for years. Good to know that it’s all clear so good job helping women get these done x

  2. This is so good to “talk” about! I truly appreciate a lot of your topics! Keep going girlie 🙂

    BTW, Gynae is suspiciously close to the spelling of my first name….that frightens me somewhat. Just sayin’.

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