Cravendale Milk Drinkers Challenge

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Over the years, as a family, we have gone through gallons upon gallons of milk. I couldn’t possibly calculate how much of the calcium rich drink we have managed to guzzle, slurp and sip as the children have gotten older. Blue top green top red top, farmers fresh to supermarket branded we’ve tried them all.

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Cravendale milk seems to have won over my family with its rich and creamy taste regardless of which fat content we choose to buy. I try to watch what I eat & drink and Cravendale milks fit right into my healthier lifestyle as I will often opt for the red topped skimmed milk. With other brands I’ve found that skimmed milks can taste watery and really lacks the true flavour of milk but with Cravendale I can still enjoy a nice milky cup of tea or coffee and everyone enjoys their cereal without blinking an eye. Everyone else in our household mainly chose a semi-skimmed variety with half the fat but still full of nutrients to healthy teeth and bones.

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I love the fact that the milk will stay fresh in the fridge for up to a week as we never know quite how long a 2lt bottle will last us; it could be 2 days or 6! My only quarrel is that the bottle is white not clear which can make it a tad tricky if you are in a rush to figure out quite how much milk is left to share around!

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