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It’s been a while since I’ve last blogged on a regular basis; a really long time. I had lost my creative mojo and struggled with my self-esteem as a writer after having some negative feedback, online trolls and a difficult few months at home. This has ultimately had a serious knock on effect to my confidence. I used to love to write and I thoroughly enjoyed it when my posts then had a positive impact on someone. It was a wonderful feeling.
Fast forward to the here and now and I frequently feel like everything I do isn’t good enough, it’s such a horrible feeling to live with and once you’re in that mind-set it’s hard to climb out of it. I have recently been reminded that my writing is something that I should be proud of, that actually it is only my belief that I am not worthy that is holding me back with the high standards I hold myself to and boy are those standards high.

I know that I have previously inspired others; not through vanity but by literal word of mouth! It has been so lovely, so inspiring to see, hear & read that from the blog posts I have shared, the photographs I have taken and the ideas I’ve put forth have been heard loud and clear and even helped someone in one way or another.

That’s the magic of blogging. Ideas bouncing from one laptop to another, getting the conversation started and exploring what makes the world go around! The idea that you can make a stranger smile on the other side of the world is priceless. That is why I wrote in the first place.

With all that said, blogging is a bit like a competitive sport with thousands in the running but only a small handful getting the most notice and making it to the Olympics. It’s hard to find your feet in the big exciting world of creative writers in the even bigger World Wide Web. Things change, sites adapt and before you know it you’re left behind the front runners dragging your feet in last place. This is why I had previously taken the time to readjust this website. I have a new layout and a shiny new logo ( a big thanks to Jemma from Dorkface blog ) and over all the site feels more fresh to me.

But I still lacked that last push I needed to actually type up word after word and bring you new content to read. Something inside me told me that I still wasn’t good enough, that my words would have zero meaning to anything or anyone. It is difficult when you feel like that and I am not overly surprised that I haven’t felt inspired to write.

I am writing this as my restart; my renewed projection of my utterly random thoughts in the hope that you’ll continue to stand alongside me as I try to find my love of writing again and I promise I will try very hard not to go into writers hiding; even if a ghost says boo!

So this is me saying hello again; I’m still here, still me, still random!




21 thoughts on “Still here, still random

  1. Lovely to see your blog in my feed again! Sorry you had a tough time with mean people your writing is indeed something you should take pride in. Def go hiding again!

  2. Go you! I think everyone gets that feeling. I’m stuck feeling like nobody even reads my blog but continue as I do it because I want to. Although obviously would love more people to enjoy my writing. Anyway, love the fresh look #SistaBlogga 🙂 Kelly From bringing up Georgia

    1. I think we do all have that fear from time to time but we shouldn’t stop what we love doing 🙂

  3. I’m glad you have got a bit of confidence back and love the look of your site. Remember the people you inspire when you see a negative comment and also the haters usually have something missing in their own lives x

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words it’s really made my day to see how many people have taken notice with the site! I think it’s the boost I really needed so thank you very very much x

  4. *wave* Welcome back to the world of blogging!

    I think sometimes we all have those moments where we fall out of love with blogging/writing or just not having the inspiration to put fingers to keyboard, especially when we feel as tho maybe we’re typing to thin air or just aren’t putting out the content we want to be. In those instances I’ve found a little break away can be the best sort of medicine, a bit of a kick up the butt, a place to find inspiration again and remember what I loved about my blog to make me start in the first place!


  5. I am glad you are coming back. Don’tet the haters get you down, you beat then and keep shinning on through. They are probably just jealous. It can be hard when you see sats and whatever else but honestly.there just numbers. Someone somewhere would appreciate and identify with your words. Dint give up as you have a right to be here just as anyone else has. This is your space, you own it X

  6. I guess I’m lucky that my little blog is still little. When I started it I had visions of Mads and Bibs nominations, paid advertising etc.

    Partly due to tech issues I’m not able to post anywhere near how often I’d like to. It does mean I’ve a heap of half written drafts, that I write a line or two or tweak here and there.

    Don’t let keyboard warriors put you off.
    Focus on the ones whose lives you do make a difference in.

  7. Hi there, just found you via the weekend blog share! Funnily enough I grew jaded with blogging too and am only now trying to get back into it. Blogging does feel pointless at times, and its so hard to deal with haters, but good on you for getting back out there! xx

  8. Hey beautiful,

    I’m glad you jumped back in the pool. You have a desire and a need to write — even if no one is listening (apparently not true from what I see above).

    Maria Popova of BrainPickings makes a pretty good case that you ultimately have to write for yourself. Her argument is that if you do it for anyone else, you’ll eventually burn out and quit.

    My goal, and I’m only 60 years into it so give me a minute, is to be so uniquely me that I attract only those people that I should be with. 🙂 Easier said than done, I know.

    Wishing you all the best…

  9. I’ll encourage you to keep writing. I’ve had cases where I had to step back from my blog. It took a while to get serious with it. It’s good to take some time off, re-evaluate your reasons for blogging and get back to it. The world truly needs the value that only you can bring to the table.

  10. You should keep it up. I don’t have the time in the day to read crap and I will walk away from any blog post that bores or annoys me pretty quickly. I’d say you have a good strong positive following here and it’ll be our loss if you can’t get back on that horse and stay there.
    Write and don’t publish the half of it. Get your mojo back talking to yourself and working it through for you – and damn the trolls. Your blog is your property. They should know you will throw them out anyway and take no notice of their crap. Don’t let them win x

  11. I know exactly what you mean!! There are so many weeks when I cant bear even opening my laptop never know try and write. I wish I had a cure and knew my trigger. All I can say is that I love your blog and keep going what your doing! Your fab!! #weekendBlogShare

  12. Don’t let anything stop you writing, especially not the negativity of others. I’m glad that you re-found your mojo. Writing publicly is scary – I only dared to publish once I became a mum as my daughter made me brave. Keep on writing – it’s good for the soul! #weekendblogshare

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