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A few weeks ago I was approached by the guys at Wicked Uncle to see if we as a family would like to take part in their Wicked Uncle Challenge. Now you may be thinking that this might be some sort of prank challenge but it’s the complete opposite.

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Wicked Uncle are a toy and gift website for children aimed at parents, carers and loved ones that just don’t quite know what to buy when it comes to presents for the little ones in their lives. When it comes to kids’ birthdays and other celebration days we want to spoil those that we care about but it can be incredibly difficult if you don’t have your own children or a child that is a different age than those you need to purchase for. Of course all children love presents but it can be so easy to get it wrong and what do you actually get for the child that has everything.

To test out their website and to see if the site lives up to its name we were given a voucher towards some awesome cool gifts for our children but I wasn’t to be the one to buy them. In steps my youngest sister. Whilst she is a doting and cool young Aunt that adores our children she often hasn’t got the foggiest idea on what to buy the children when gifts are needed to be bought.

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Upon browsing the website she said that it was really simple to find ideas and toys she thought the children would enjoy despite having such a large variety of options to choose from within the website. This was because the site has easy to navigate categories which can then be broken down into individual age brackets (e.g age 1, age 2) rather than bunching up toddlers into one group and older children into another. What she liked about the main categories was the idea that she would be able to browse on the child’s personality rather than the toy groups, with sections like Outdoorsy and Adventurer. This is something I have not seen many websites or stores do before and I really feel it adds to the nature of what the website is all about – buying cool unique presents tailored to the childs interests which they are also actually going to be excited about. Checking out and placing the order was really straightforward giving her the option to have the presents gift wrapped or cards written out for the children.

Unfortunately when it came to payment she was overcharged for the order but this was quickly resolved after talking to a lovely gentleman from customer services on the phone. He cancelled the current order she had placed and, whilst still on the phone to her, asked her to go through the website again, order the items she had originally placed in her basket and he would personally ensure that nothing on the technical front had gone wrong with this order. He was extremely apologetic, very patient and within minutes of her order going through he was able to say from his end that it had been placed okay. The gentleman promised that a refund would be made by a certain time on a specific day and Wicked Uncle stuck to their word. These things happen whether it be shopping online or in-store if you’re not using cash and if anything it proved that Wicked Uncle really cared about their customers and want to ensure that our shopping experience is as enjoyable and efficient as possible.


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With the trouble with the payment we were delayed in receiving the order but it was definitely worth the wait. When the box of gifts arrived I was amazed to see how well everything had been packed – I’m a stickler for noticing the edges of packaging being tarnished! I love the added touch of having a postcard set out ready for the children to thank their grown up for the presents. They’re not items I would have been instantly drawn to purchase for our children but there’s something quite lovely about giving a child something they’re not expecting  and then seeing their faces light up in excitement.


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We now have 3 very happy children with gifts to keep them occupied over the rest of the summer holidays, somewhere to guide the unknowing when it comes to gift giving season and one very smug wicked Aunt!


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