Making lunches fun with Hartley’s Jelly

Packed lunches; either you love them or your hate them. If you hate them chances are it’s because they can be a nightmare prepare or you can’t find the correct size container for the food you want to put into it. We all want to make sure that our little ones eat well but it can be particularly tricky to ensure that what we pack will actually be eaten. As adults we can pick and choose what we want to eat when it comes to our lunches but that can sometimes make it harder when preparing a lunch for our kids as we have to make those choices for them.

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I always try to get the children involved where I can and when they do have a packed lunch for school I get them to choose their own lunch bags. For the most part they like bags with characters on them or ones with bright groovy colours but it’s always something that is worth showing off to their friends. Over the summer we went on a lot of picnics and we used the Hartley’s lunch box. They loved the bright yellow colour and as they had the option to stick a load of stickers upon it! The lunch box is a traditional rectangular shape and made out of strong plastic which is great for when the kids are occasionally clumsy and drop their box. It was also the perfect size too, we were able to fit in a cool drink, a sandwich, fruit & veg snacks and a sweet treat of Hartley’s jelly – oh and a spoon!

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Loving the lunchbox? You can grab your own by collecting 12 special edition green lids from across the Hartley’s No Added Sugar Jelly Pots (115g), to claim your free Hartley’s lunchbox and sticker pack!!!

What lunch bag or box do you use for yourself and your children?


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