A new do with RUSH salon Milton Keynes

Being the hair geek that I am I’m always intrigued by the latest hair fashions alongside the new products, equipment and up and coming brands of salons around. Since I qualified as a hair stylist last year I’ve found a renewed love for the science behind creating hair colour and ensuring that our manes stay healthy.  So you could probably imagine my excitement when I was asked to take a visit to enjoy the Milton Keynes branch of RUSH  salon for a cut and blow dry!

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Rush Hair are the award winning salon group who are one of Britain’s fastest growing hair brands with over 20 years of experience. Affordable treatments combined with talented stylists who thrive on perfect customer service they are the new go to hair brand for all your hair needs.

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Upon reaching the salon in the center of MK’s Intu shopping district I was met with bold signage shiny walls, patterned floors and the distinct feel of a clean modern salon.  I walked upstairs to the salon area and was blown away with how bright, stylish and luxurious. All the staff seemed so happy; they were offering me drinks and keeping me informed of when my stylist and salon junior to wash my hair would be ready.

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I had the pleasure of having a thorough consultation with my stylist, Kelly, who just so happened to be joint owner of the salon! When talking about how I wanted to change up my hair she knew exactly what I wanted continually ensuring that I was most definitely sure that I wanted to cut the considerably large amount of hair off. I was then taken into a small little area away from the main salon to have my hair washed. I loved that the basins were away from the main salon as it made the experience a lot quieter and relaxing; something that can be difficult to achieve over the sound of several hair dryers.

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Then came out the scissors! My stylist was thorough but still quick and not one hair was out of place when she had finished. We chatted about how I had tried out having a variety of different hair colours over the years and how for the most part I’ve enjoyed being pink the most. She gave me a whole hoard of tips on how to look after the bleached area of my hair, how to back comb without creating knotted areas to give it some volume and introduced me to a newer brand of hair dye that had a spectacular pink within its range. Hurrah for pink hair!

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One thing I picked up on was the fact that she didn’t cake my hair in styling or finishing products which is something a lot of hair stylists can be a bit guilty of at times. This meant that my hair stayed salon worthy for a good three days when normally the next day my hair can already start to look a bit limp and dirty.

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Considering I know exactly how hair grows and how often I should get it cut I am utterly useless at going to a salon for maintenance. As you can see the ends of my hair were frizzy with a graduated style cut that had long grown out and it was definitely in need of some TLC.

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I am so impressed with my new hair style and I’ve had what feels like a million compliments. I left with a massive smile on my face and I’ve been singing their praises ever since. There’s something about visiting a salon and indulging in some self-care that really lifts my confidence in my appearance.

The only grievance I had was the idea that the salon was upstairs and it wasn’t publicly noted that potential customers that could not use stairs do have the option of using the service lift to gain access to the salon. I sometimes really struggle with stairs and I am often put off from visiting somewhere if they are not easily accessible. I think it’s really important to ensure that salons or any type of customer serving business place signs or stickers in windows to inform customers that they are actually accessible especially if it isn’t obvious at first glance. I talked with the manager about this and she completely agreed that they needed to put something in place and was looking for appropriate signage to put in place as soon as possible.

Have you visited a RUSH salon yet? What were your experiences like?!

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I was asked to visit for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are my own.

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