Megableu Alien Mission Evolution & The Enchanted Ball game review

Having three children in the house means three lots of toys and whilst for the most part they enjoy their own toys and hobbies for a lot of the time they end up playing with the same thing. It’s a minefield trying to source toys and games that they will ultimately want to enjoy together but MEGABLEU have that covered. MEGABLEU are a childrens toy and game producer and we were sent two of their brilliant games (Alien Mission Evolution and The Enchanted Ball( to try out.

megableu alien mission evolution, games for older children, nerf game

megableu alien mission evolution, megableu, alien game

First up is Alien Mission Evolution; a virtual reality alien shooter game for children aged 5 years and above. The box contains 1 set of goggles, 1 electronic gun and rules of the game. The game requires 6 AAA batteries (the small ones) that are not included in the box.

inside alien evolution game, megableu games, safe nerf games, alien games

The aim of the game is to shoot and eliminate the aliens you see in your vision and score the most points.

To play you sync up your gun with the goggles and wait for the aliens to appear. For small children they seem to appear randomly but for older children and adults you notice that they appear at either side of the goggles and central to your vision. This can make game play a little easier but you still need to hold the gun in the right position and pull the trigger quick enough to get rid of those pesky aliens! There are different speed settings which can make the game either more difficult or a little easier for little children.

We loved how seemingly simple but challenging this game was. It kept all of us occupied for hours on end and the novelty did not wear off. Our children love technology so this was a perfect way of combining a gadget toy with being active; something I often worry about!

son playing with megableu alien evolution game

You can play solo or with someone else and the only thing we found difficult about this was adjusting the head straps every time a different person played on the surprisingly light goggles.

point and shoot megableu evoltion game

Next up is The Enchanted Ball board game.

the enchanted ball megableu game, games for older children, board games for kids, musical toys

megableu the enchanted ball musical board game toy

The Enchanted Ball is a ‘frustration’ type game with a difference for two or more players aged 5 years and above. Each box contains 1 board game, 1 electronic musical dance floor, 1 prince, 4 princesses, 16 coloured stars, 1 die and 1 manual. The game requires 3 AAA batteries (the small ones) not included.

prince and princess board game, megableu board game, the enchanted ball

To play the game you place the prince in the centre of the dance floor and choose a princess to play as. You roll the die and move your princess around the board in the hope of reaching the stairs to join the prince for a dance. You dance with the prince until the music stops in the hope that your princess has linked arms with the prince. If you do link arms by the end of the music you get a star and the first person to four stars wins the game and is the belle of the ball!

who will dance with the prince, megableu game, the enchanted ball, musical games, games for boys and girls

Whilst you travel around the board you get extra chances to dance with the prince if you land on certain squares. My daughter absolutely loved that she could land on a square that meant that she alone got an extra chance of winning a star and played very tactically when landing on a square that allowed her to pick someone else to join her. Needless to say when my partner and myself played with her I didn’t earn a single extra star the first time we played!

The musical is very cinderella-type and really make the children feel like they are at a fancy ball and many a time we referred to each other as princesses!!! The game itself is very robust and even when the electronic base was dropped it worked perfectly after much to our relief.

daughter playing with megableu the enchanted ball, board game for older children, princess game, megableu review

You can find MEGABLEU game at most popular instore and online toy stores but pricing may vary between retailers.

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