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Sometimes we get really exciting post in this household. One of the latest boxes of joys received was this one from the lovely guys over at Wicked Uncle Toys. We are a massive fan of their gift website and I have already talked so much about them before on this blog!

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pass the pen game, toy review

My eldest son Elliot was sent one of their best selling games to try out and review for them. Pass The Pen is a very quick paced drawing and guessing game with a special pen that retracts the tip on a timer for children aged 8 and up.

pass the pen, toy review, wicked uncle

The game is really simple to play and the box contains a retractable pen, a notepad, a coloured die, a rules leaflet and a stack of cards containing over 500 different subjects or images to draw. To play the game you pick out a card & roll the die to find out what you will need to draw. You then press the pen timer down and start to draw. The other players then need to try and guess correctly what you are drawing however if your pen nib retracts before the other players can guess then you have to ‘Pass the Pen’!

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The pen timer can be set to 10 or 15 seconds but we found that 15 seconds was most suited for us. Elliot thought, even though he was nearly nine years old, that some of the suggestions on the cards were a little too difficult to draw or that he didn’t really know what some of the ideas actually looked like but found the rest of the choices a lot of fun to try and draw in 15 seconds. He noted that whilst playing with both myself and my partner if one person guesses and gets the guess wrong( playing by the rules you only get one guess!) that playing as a group of 3 didn’t work very well and that it is much more fun when you have a lot of people trying to guess or enough people to pass the pen onto.

Elliot thought that the box was very colourful and he like that it was a strong box and would last a long time. Often the boxes on toys that are used frequently in this household the flaps tend to rip and we have become experts at fixing cardboard boxes with tape here. We were advised to hold the pen upright to draw with and not apply to much pressure to the pen as this can make the pen retract quicker; something that we had a bit of trouble with when we first started playing with it. With some board games they take quite a while to play but Elliot found that he didn’t get bored easily as it was a very quick game!

Elliot’s top tip is that it really helped to not have the TV or music on in the background so you can fully concentrate on what people are drawing so you can focus on your one guess!

You can buy Pass The Pen online at Wicked Uncle Toys.

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