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Over the autumn and winter months I had a digital detox. It wasn’t intentional , it was sort of forced upon me when my, less than 6 month old, phone decided that it was no longer going to play ball and work for me through no fault of my own. It took sending it to The Repair Centre three times over the space of 3 months for me to have my pone replaced with a new working phone.Β  Imagine going 3 months without having that handy little thing in your pocket no instant calculator, no access to all your pictures, your email and no social media. Well I didn’t quite go the whole 3 months without a phone as I was able to use my old phone however the reason I got a new one in the first place was that this one was a little less than reliable, the battery would only lasted around 2 hours, the signal to my network provider was temperamental and the camera picture quality was less than desirable. It was quite a shock to have to go back to my old phone and quite honestly it wasn’t much fun.
I wanted to be able to message my friends straight away whenever I wanted but I didn’t have that option anymore. It was quite nice over Christmas when I didn’t think to look at my phone as there was no real point wasting the battery and I was able to use my laptop and our main desktop computer a lot more often actually appreciating what goes into a modern smart phone these days. It’s not just texting and calling within our mobile devices these days, we have everything that we could possibly want within something that fits in your hand. I did miss having a good camera over Christmas one that I could take out of my pocket whenever I wanted it to capture those brief candid moments. I did use my main camera and the pictures were of brilliant quality but I’m not really one to carry it with me wherever I go so I missed opportunities and that wasn’t very fun.
It was good to not be on social media all day everyday though, it meant that I was a little more lonely because I wasn’t talking to my friends as regularly as I had been but it’s one of them things – are you actually being social when you are on social media? Does liking a picture constitute a hello or is it merely just an acknowledgement that I’ve recognised your feed. I wasn’t picking up my phone every time the notification sound went off unless it was a phone call because by reading them or going through to the apps wasn’t worth wasting the battery. I didn’t spend all day scrolling through my Twitter feed or send my friends long messages on Whatsapp so it made me more aware of what I was subconsciously doing while spending time with my family. There are plenty of articles online about how switched on modern families are these days but sometimes it takes taking the technology away to appreciate quite how much time we spend online.
I now have a working phone but I’m not on it all day everyday, I am less likely to have my phone in my pocket and I’m quite happy to leave it on a surface on a louder volume. It was a massive shame to be without a fully working mobile over the last few months and it was really frustrating to not have instant access to my dashboard that keeps my blog up and running, it wasn’t as simple as pressing an App I’d have to actually open up my laptop load up the Internet browser. Everything took a lot more effort but I think I can certainly appreciate how everything revolves around technology these days.
I’m not sure I want to go another 3 months without a decent phone in my pocket but maybe I might leave it out on the kitchen unit a little bit longer instead.

2 thoughts on “Switched Off

  1. Personally i think that you went to great lengths to avoid talking to me. Bamg out of order really! You could have just told me to leave you alone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I know how hard its been for you but glad youve got it sorted finally and that on top of it youve found some time to just be free without digital attachment! There’s this weirdo on twitter atm who looks like hes always on it! Possible robot….probably best you avoid him!
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    1. It is nice to be with a phone again and it is equally nice to not feel like I need to check my phone every ten minutes. Also I don’t think even I would put myself through that ordeal again just to not talk to you! πŸ™‚

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