Throwback Thursday : Matching In Floral Dresses

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Throwback Thursday is a new weekly feature here on Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something that started last month. It is said that a picture can paint a thousand words and I wanted a way of looking back and reflecting on my past whether it be recent or from years gone by. There’s something quite intimate and revealing about sharing photographs from our lives and I’m always intrigued about the story behind the lens.

Last week I shared with you an image of our first family trip to the woods. This week is a photograph of a nineteen year old me with my daughter Nevaeh when she was around 10 months old.

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This image was taken in a pub garden after a nice meal during the summer of 2010. There was a play area in which my son, Elliot, was enjoying running around in and this was the closest table to it. I remember it was really wobbly but the only other available table was at the other end of the garden. Nevaeh was very active at this age and was already cruising around the furniture always causing chaos. She was a very vocal baby and if she didn’t like something you would know about it but otherwise she would have that gorgeous smile plastered across her face. I’m not really one for being fashionable and my children always have better looking clothes than my self but that summer I had lost quiet a lot of weight so had treated myself to the pale pink and grey dress but still didn’t feel comfortable with having my legs on show ( I rarely do still now!) so wore it with white leggings. At the time It didn’t occur to me that both myself and Nevaeh were matching in wearing floral dresses but it does make for quite a aesthetically pleasing photograph!

What do you think of my photograph? Don’t forget to check back next Thursday to see what image I have chosen to share with you!

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday : Matching In Floral Dresses

  1. I love seeing throwbacks and these floral dresses are so cute – twinning is winning as they say. I really need more photos of me and my little ones

    Laura x

    1. I hope you get mroe images of you and your children; they’re always lovely to look back on. Thanks for stopping by!

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