Throwback Thursday : The Blue Eyed Boy

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Throwback Thursday is a new weekly feature here on Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something. It is said that a picture can paint a thousand words and I wanted a way of looking back and reflecting on my past whether it be recent or from years gone by. There’s something quite intimate and revealing about sharing photographs from our lives and I’m always intrigued about the story behind the lens.

This first week, having just celebrated his 9th birthday, I’m sharing a picture of my eldest son Elliot from when he was 16 months old.

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On this day we were attending a wedding and even though it was summer there was a cold breeze until late in the afternoon. This image was taken outside the church after the ceremony where he had sat relatively quiet for around an hour and little Elliot was getting quite tired which is why he was now in his stroller. If you are aware of my son at the moment he has gorgeous sandy blond waist length hair but in this photograph you can see he has white blond ringlets something he was very renown for in his toddler years; you could spot him off a mile away! Even now in the summer his hair lightens but not to the extent it did back when he was a toddler. I love his cheeky tired grin here with a small glimpse of his baby teeth and his bright blue eyes shimmering in the summers light. On this day I remember feeling so tired and worn out as I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter at the time and feeling so lucky so surprised to have had my child behave during a whole wedding day something that I had been very anxious about in the lead up to the day!

What do you think of my photograph? Don’t forget to check back next Thursday to see what image I have chosen to share with you!

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