Throwback Thursday : Toddling Into The Woods

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Throwback Thursday is a new weekly feature here on Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something that started last week. It is said that a picture can paint a thousand words and I wanted a way of looking back and reflecting on my past whether it be recent or from years gone by. There’s something quite intimate and revealing about sharing photographs from our lives and I’m always intrigued about the story behind the lens.

This image was taken when the kids were around 2,3 & 4 years old (maybe even a little bit younger!). I think it was the first family walk we did together around Mowsbury Woods, Bedford.

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Taking strolls in woods, wanders down by the river or playing in the many parks in and around our town is something that we wanted to started doing with the children from a young age. I remember on this day the children were really excited to try and find lions, tigers and bears amongst the trees and even to this day we still talk of the bear that lives in the woods. We now live closer to these sets of woods and tend to spend quite a lot of time in and around the park during the spring and summer days. On this day Nevaeh had decided she didn’t want to wear her trusty Peppa Pig wellington boots that at the time she insisted on wearing every single day regarding of her clothes choices or heat from the sun. It result in a bizarre strop in which she claimed that Peppa Pig never ever jumps in muddy puddles- something completely untrue! Once she had calmed down and we had arrived at the woods the children ran off with the funny wiggle kids do at a young age and they looked so tiny walking amongst the tall bushes and wild flowers. With their legs being so little we were grateful to find this bench, that is still there, so we could have a little breather and for me to take a quick snap!

What do you think of my photograph? Don’t forget to check back next Thursday to see what image I have chosen to share with you!

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