A new companion – Pregnancy announcement

doctor who pregnancy announcement, two hearts, rainbow baby, blended family

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog and across social media for a few months now but I thought that it was high time I explained myself; we’re pregnant! We have waited quite a long while to share our news due to my history of recurrent miscarriage and my rubbish health to ensure that we kept any heartache to a minimum if the worst was to happen again but very fortunately it looks like we are very much in the midst of growing another child as we have made it to the second trimester of pregnancy already!

doctor who pregnancy announcement

It’s quite a special pregnancy for our family as this is mine and my fiances first (and probably only) child together; uniting our family furthermore. We are all really looking forward to the addition of our new companion in the Autumn of this year!

baby scan, pregnancy scan, 13 week scan


We are far from your traditional family so when it comes to announcing our pregnancy we didn’t want to do anything in your average way. This is why our announcement is Doctor Who related; as excited as I am to be growing thus far a healthy child I am still secretly gutted I am STILL not a Timelord!

13 thoughts on “A new companion – Pregnancy announcement

    1. It’s very us – I’m a big Doctor Who fan and we wanted to be creative with our announcement x

  1. That has to be the best baby announcement I have ever seen. I am so pleased for you, thats brilliant news. Xxxxx

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