The Colour Of Our Rainbow

Over on social media I have spoken about my current anxiety during this pregnancy and why I haven’t been sharing as much as I would normally like to. It’s not worth trying to repeat what I said so I’ve just copied it for you to read here:

For weeks I have been trying to put fingers to keyboard to write about this pregnancy, I want to be honest and open and I want to share the good the bad and the damn right ugly but the fear of something going wrong is still at the forefront of my mind. Even with every reassurance given at appointments and scans or with every movement I feel I’m still on edge and full with anxiety.
The children and my lovely fiance do however make things a lot easier. Their excitement, their little kisses on my growing bump, their willingness to walk slower when I just can’t keep up with them from pain, their patience when a day is halted from sickness and ultimately their ever growing love for this new member of our family keeps me going strong.
This weird and wonderful blended family fought back the storm and now the sun is starting to shine with our reward being a beautiful rainbow.

My little family have been amazing over the past few weeks especially now that the children are aware of their little sibling growing inside of me. For a long time my partner and I had kept all this exciting and nerve wracking information to ourselves and it has been a struggle to adjust to having everyone now know. We have had so much love and support for our rainbow baby but our little secret is no more; something we had kept quiet for so long is now public knowledge. Our family is growing and I have been incredibly overwhelmed trying to ensure our little bubs is as healthy and safe as possible.

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I am not quite ready to share details about how the past 4 months have gone but we do have a little bit more information to now share.
We are having a little girl, a little sister for our children, another daughter to add to our brood; our rainbow is tinted pink.
And we couldn’t be happier!

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