Throwback Thursday : 18 & Pregnant

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Throwback Thursday is a weekly feature here on Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something that started last week. It is said that a picture can paint a thousand words and I wanted a way of looking back and reflecting on my past whether it be recent or from years gone by. There’s something quite intimate and revealing about sharing photographs from our lives and I’m always intrigued about the story behind the lens.

Last week I shared with you a very happy little chappy!  Writing each week and looking back at some of my photographs from years gone by has become one of my most looked forward to activities each week. And this week I have something completely different; something I wouldn’t normally be inclined to share. Earlier on the week I announced our current pregnancy and as a household we are extremely happy and really looking forward to the new arrival this coming autumn.
So here is me on my 18th birthday around  6 months pregnant with my second child, my daughter, not exactly looking too best pleased!

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I had just sat down to a surprise birthday meal with a couple of friends and family in attendance. I’m not the type of person that enjoys surprises and even though I often state this people still continue to set things up which actually makes me more grumpy than pleasantly surprised. I was never too great at hiding my frustration or anger at not being listened to in any scenario and this photograph is definitely proof of that!  The day had been a busy one already as my son Elliot was only 14 months at the time and I was not having the most easiest of pregnancies. I was tired and in so much pain, my cardigan was hiding a pregnancy pelvic support band, and the notion of turning 18 had no novelty factor short of now being able to buy alcohol or vote. I had been living in the adult world for years and quite frankly I just wanted to eat a nice meal at the restaurant and put my feet up for a short while before going back to regular everyday life. On this day I also needed to attend my local college in the evening to sign off the last of my coursework and paper work for a reflexology qualification I had been working towards part time in the evenings for nearly a year. It was only then as I walked out of the doors that I felt my age again as I stuck two fingers up into the warming evening air to the world and to those that had doubted I would ever continue with any more education let alone be a successful young mother.


So what do you think of my photograph? Don’t forget to check back next Thursday to see what image I have chosen to share with you!

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday : 18 & Pregnant

    1. I think you either like surprises or you like being in control it’s not often that you will get individuals that can deal with or enjoy both!

  1. Congratulations to you being a fantastic young Mother which I’m sure you are. There’s so much stigma surrounding young parents but you seem to have proved them wrong so well done to you! I hate surprises as well!

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