10 Things I loved About June

June, despite having only 30 days, has felt like the longest month of the year so far for me. There has been so much anxiety and awful things happening around us that I wanted to reflect on the good that occurred during the month instead.

  1. The weather has been much more brighter and the sun has started to set later on in the day. This has meant that when the children have been in bed myself and Chris have been able to relax in our garden on the warm sunny evenings.
  2. I had another birthday! Yes I am one year old but not much wiser. I don’t tend to feel the need to celebrate the day so it was nice that I shared the day with Fathers Day this year. I was treated to a gorgeous new charm for my charm watch bracelet and was extremely happy and surprised to find out that it didn’t cost much more than the initial £10 budget my partner had for gift buying.
  3. We celebrated Fathers Day with our cheeky Corey. It was such a wonderful day to enjoy just the three of us before my partner becomes a father again later on in this year but it was more importantly a great chance for father and son to bond and spend some quality time together before our youngest becomes a middle child!
  4. I have started to really enjoy writing and blogging again. The community is always so supportive and my blogging friends have really pushed me and inspired me to start writing more frequently. I have enjoyed many an afternoon planning and writing ideas in my notebooks.
  5. We bought our new (to us) car. With welcoming the fourth child into the household later this year it has meant that we have needed to invest in a new, much larger, car to ensure that we are able to transport everyone at the same time. The car is also the first one I have had a proper say in since passing my drivers test at the end of 2015.
  6. We enjoyed a nice day trip to look around the Kite Festival in Bedford. The best thing for Chris and I was that the children took their own money they had been earning over the past few months so that they could go on rides or so that they could purchase things that they wanted from the stalls. As a family of 5 day trips can be very costly so it was such a pleasant thought knowing that it didn’t leave us raiding the penny jar.
  7. My pregnancy hasn’t been the most pleasant one so far which has led to me being monitored and our little lady being checked up on a little bit more regularly. It’s not the nicest notion knowing that things are not exactly going to plan but it has meant that I have been able to see my stubborn little lady on screen during a scan for a total of 8 times so far!
  8. I have been able to reach out and contact old and new friends. I have been quite isolated by being stuck at home due to physical health reasons but I have also struggled with a lot of anxiety. By talking to my friends and checking in with people that I hadn’t for a few weeks reassured me that I have a lot more support around me than I often realise.
  9. Everyone is our household has been able to feel kicks from my ever growing pregnant tummy. It was such a special moment being able to watch the three children’s eyes light up as their little sister pushed their small hands away. My partner being able to feel kicks after me being able to feel movement for quite some time was equally amazing. The bond we are growing as a family has only been proven to be stronger as the love for this new child unites us further.
  10. The resilience of our two eldest children has really warmed my heart. Their grandad had suddenly passed away at the end of May and their strength at keeping each other supported was amazing. Their ability to make everyone in the room at the wake smile made me extremely proud of the young brave people they are growing up to be.

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23 thoughts on “10 Things I loved About June

  1. It’s sounds like you’ve had a very eventful month. I remember that feeling of having to get a bigger car when we got our Zafira, it felt like a bus in comparison to my old Mondeo, lol. Enjoy xx

  2. June is my birthday month so it’s usually a nice one for me.
    It sounds like a mixed month of both good and not so easy for you! The sunny weather has been nice!
    Sorry about your Dad! ❤️😢

  3. Sorry to hear about your grandad but glad to hear the kids are coping well. Hope you pregnancy gets easier, I think I was scanned every week for my last one so I feel your pain, but at least she is doing well. I would love to go to a kite festival
    Kara recently posted…Dyson V8 Animal ReviewMy Profile

    1. The children are coping well with the loss of their grandad (their fathers dad); thank you. Yes it’s hard being monitored but it does give you the extra reassurance during pregnancy.

  4. I think we all get to a point where writing becoming a mundane, then we get a new wind and it’s great 🙂 also really really to hear about your Grandfather x

    1. That sounds rough I’m hoping things for us will become less stressful over the next little while.

  5. What a fab little month you have had! It’s always nice to reignite your blogging passion and reach out to friends and this weather has made everything better. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

    1. Yes the heat hasn’t been much fun but the sunny weather does make everything else much brighter!

    1. Thank you! I’m not one for taking photographs all the time so I want to try and document our lives are bit better.

  6. You’ve certainly had a busy month! I loved celebrating Father’s Day too as it was my husband’s first one! The Kite festival looked like a lot of fun. I hope the rest of pregnancy is easier for you. x

  7. I’m sorry to hear about your little ones’ grandad. How lovely that they have all got to feel your little girlie inside your tummy though! What a magical moment x

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