50 More Things That Make Me Happy

A few weeks ago I shared a list of 50 random things that make me happy here on the blog and it really got me thinking about what genuinely makes me happy. As someone with a severe mental health illness I suffer from depression regularly and when that strikes it is awfully hard work trying to find things that bring my spark back. I wanted to share with you, but to also document for myself when I have dark days, 50 more things that bring that smile to my face.

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  1. The blogging community
  2. The Breakfast Club (film)
  3. Warm summer evenings
  4. The cold side of a pillow
  5. Takeaways
  6. Newborn baby cuddles
  7. Hugs from my family
  8. Holidays
  9. Souvenirs
  10. The smell after it rains
  11. Bank holidays
  12. Clean bedsheets
  13. Lazy days
  14. Freshly baked bread
  15. Gettting more than 4 hours sleep
  16. The smell of books
  17. Being on time
  18. Childrens giggles
  19. Bubble wrap
  20. Oat & raisin cookies
  21. Massages
  22. Walking on crunchy leaves
  23. Clean car smell
  24. New stationery
  25. The sound of a can of Pringles opening
  26. Wifi (especially if it’s free)
  27. Baking
  28. Looking at old photographs
  29. Blackpool (town)
  30. Candles
  31. Building sandcastles
  32. My dishwasher
  33. Music
  34. Waking up with everyone at home
  35. My home (my safe place)
  36. Feeling baby kicks (whilst pregnant)
  37. Silence
  38. Fizzy drinks
  39. Cocktails
  40. Winning competitions
  41. Finding a bargain
  42. Cloud watching
  43. Building snowmen
  44. Fog in the morning
  45. Michael-Angelo (pet tortoise)
  46. Cosy blankets
  47. Handmade gifts
  48. My kids imagination
  49. Shooting stars
  50. A clean kitchen sink

So there you have it; 50 more things that make me happy. Have you ever thought about making your own list of things that bring you happiness?

17 thoughts on “50 More Things That Make Me Happy

  1. That’s a great list! I have to go back and double check but I may have written something similar or I may have just written a 10 random facts about me or something. I also did 50 things to be thankful for, which I wrote for Thanksgiving. I deal with depression too as a symptom of PTSD and this past Winter was a bad episode of depression that I had a really hard time working through. Now that I’m out of it I can focus more clearly and I agree that making a list of things that make us happy is definitely a great start!

  2. There are so many things on your list I agree with. There is nothing nicer than the cold side of the pillow, especially on warm nights. And oh my, bubble wrap. It’s THE best stress buster ever!

    1. I think I gain so much from the blogging community these days that it has become a very important part of my life now.

    1. I think it’s just nice to have something positive to look at when the days are difficult too.

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