50 Things That Make Me Happy

When life gets a bit stressful it can be hard to find the positive things that keep a smile upon our faces. I am a big believer in that it is the little things and gestures in life that ultimately shape our general happiness. Last month I was tagged by the lovely Kate at LesBeMums to share 10 little things that make me happy here on my blog. I thought I would challenge myself to find and share 50 things that make me happy and it was surprisingly easy to find so many things that bring a smile to my face.

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  1. Post that isn’t bills
  2. Disney
  3. Roses
  4. Photography
  5. Picnics (on mild days)
  6. The seaside
  7. Cups (I have a large collection of mugs and cups!)
  8. Lists
  9. Comedy
  10. Gadgets that make my life easier
  11. The spoonie community
  12. My Girl (film)
  13. Tea
  14. Coffee
  15. Cake
  16. Lasagne
  17. My engagement ring
  18. The colour blue
  19. Binge watching TV
  20. Biscuits
  21. Popcorn
  22. Comic book super heros
  23. Comic book villains
  24. Cheese & crackers
  25. Doctor Who
  26. Spring (when the flowers start blooming)
  27. Summer (when the days are longer)
  28. Autumn (when the days are milder)
  29. Winter (when the Robins start to appear)
  30. Yorkshire puddings
  31. Chocolate toothpaste (the dessert not the clean teeth type!)
  32. Chocolate
  33. Tattoos
  34. Colourful hair colour
  35. My locket necklace
  36. The Secret Garden (book)
  37. Reading
  38. Writing
  39. Walking
  40. Researching
  41. Rainbows
  42. Stars
  43. Cross stitch
  44. Papercrafts
  45. Gift giving
  46. Board games
  47. My family
  48. Friends
  49. My bipolar support group that I co-facilitate
  50. My bed

So there you have 50 random things that make me happy; are any of the above on you list?

27 thoughts on “50 Things That Make Me Happy

    1. Chocolate toothpaste is like a sticky chocolate mixture made from skimmed milk powder on a base of pastry. It’s very good but very bad for your teeth!

  1. I love walking, picnics and the seaside….l hope we get some warmer weather for it soon! I like number 34 too and I’m wondering what colour hair you have now! My daughter is wanting her hair dip dyed over the summer hols!

  2. I love your list! Disney is right up there on mine too, with the seaside and photography! I should make a list too, it really made me smile reading yours!

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