Brightening Up My Desk Space With Hometreats UK

Last year we decorated our bedroom after waiting nearly two years since we moved into our property. My partner has a computer and desk space in our dining room area and the children have rooms decorated to their tastes with their toys and games inside but I didn’t really seem to have my own space within the house. We decided that as we were decorating our room that I could have my own desk space so I would have an area to blog at or do my crafts at. However as the months have gone on by it has become a dumping ground for what ever bits that do not have a own around the home.

Even when I have given it a bit of tidy up the area does look smart and follows a fair colour scheme but it doesn’t fill me with inspiration when I sit down to do any work. When I get writing or crafting I want to be prompted to work harder from my work space but my little area of the house just looks a little bit, well, boring and it can stump any creativity. The guys over at Hometreats UK thought they may be able to help out with that.

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My desk unit is opposite my window which means that when I sit down on my computer chair I actually block out all the light. I do have a really good desk lamp that gives off a whiter light but it’s just a lamp at the end of the day. The lightbox from the Hometreats UK website is something that I have had my eye on for a while. Up until Hometreats UK sent me one I seemed to be one of very few bloggers and social media influencers that did not actually own a light box! I love how bold the black letters look against the white light from the box and I have really enjoyed making it up to read what ever I want – it even comes with a few images like hearts, stars and balloons. The little plastic letters just slot into the side of the unit really easily which is great for me as I often find things like this fiddly. I’m really looking forward to using it within social media images in future creative projects. Having it on my desk always makes me smile and it’s really nice to have some extra light in that area too!

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To help keep the creative juices flowing I was sent some tall latte glasses with cute long teaspoons for a caffeine fix ( or rather mainly decaf hot drink fix during my pregnancy) whilst I work hard at my latest project. I have been after some clear glass latte cups for a while now as I have a coffee machine that layers up the drink perfectly like you would get in a coffee shop so these look so aesthetically pleasing on sat at my little space.

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Fancy getting yourself a light box, latte glasses or other home delights use code ‘hometreats10’ in the checkout box for a 10% discount code which is valid until 31st July. One use per customer.

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  1. I don’t own a light box either but I would love to! I love how it has your blog name on it and I like the look of the latte glasses x

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