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A little while ago I was approached by the lovely guys representing Souls Insoles to see if I would like to try out their insoles to help with my foot care worries.souls insoles, shoe insoles, pregnancy, pregnancy problems, pregnancy feet

I briefly explained before that I currently have Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) in my current pregnancy alongside pre-existing conditions with the main problematic one being HMS (Hypermobility Syndrome). Having HMS means that my connective tissue is often too lax which leads to extreme chronic pain and joint instability which can lead to sprains and regular partial dislocations of my joints.

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Souls’ insoles are designed by experts to support your feet and arches throughout pregnancy. They are designed to support your arches, which can help minimise feet width and length increases from swelling by providing a cushion of air under your feet. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause changes in your feet which can make you more susceptible to suffer from muscle and joint issues during pregnancy and also later in life. The hormone relaxin is released by your body during pregnancy and loosens all tendons and ligaments including those in your feet. For me this hormone makes my already lax joints and ligaments even looser which means that my joints are less protected than usual.

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Whilst wearing the insoles in my shoes my arches were held more in place and meant that my ankles and toes didn’t ache or partially dislocate whilst walking. Having SPD means that I can not walk very well without support as my pelvic joints are seperating and my left leg is often left dragging as I struggle to keep my hips in their joints. Having the soles in my shoes meant that even if I was limping or walking unevenly both my feet were placed level on the ground and supported with each step. With my pregnancies with my eldest two children I went up an entire shoe sizes and I am sure most of you ladies would have heard about the infamous ‘cankles’ you get whilst pregnant so I really could have done with a pair of these before.

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Souls comes in 6 different colours to match the shoes you already own. Out of the Royal Purple, Poppy Red, Pink, Baby Blue, Slate Grey and Silver I was given the Royal Purple and Baby Blue ones to trial out.

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Souls come in their own little drawstring bag to keep safe when not in use however they do supply sticky dots to allow the insoles to be stuck in place more permanently in your shoes. They are pre cut in your choice of sizing from an adult UK size 1 to 9 and they retail at £24.99 per pair.

15 thoughts on “Pregnancy Foot Care With Souls Insoles

    1. I have weirdly have slightly high arches on the edge of my feet but then generally have flat feet so these have helped massively.

    1. It isn’t great especially when I already had problems before but I’m slowly finding things can bring a small amount of relief.

    1. I am hoping it does pass when my baby is born but unfortunately it didn’t with my daughter! The feet are so overlooked in general health too; proper footwear is so important!

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