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Room 101 is a new weekly feature here on Random Thoughts Of a Twenty Something. The concept of Room 101 was first coined by writer George Orwell  who penned the idea of a torture room in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four which reputedly contained “the worst thing in the world”. The idea of the Room 101 has later been developed into a place in which you would want to lock away your every day annoyances or phobias by the popular BBC programme of the same name. Every Sunday I will be sharing something with you that I want to put into the Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something Room 101.

This week we have incredibly frustrating to firstly find but then incredibly costly frumpy maternity clothes.

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There’s one thing that I dislike doing more than clothes shopping and that is clothes shopping whilst pregnant. Don’t get me wrong over the last decade maternity fashion has changed dramatically and not every item on the hangers in the shops resemble a large shapeless sack but it if you actually want to look presentable then you need to be paying big bucks!

It seems that dull elasticated fabrics and frumpy floral patterns are still overly common with maternity clothes. I have lost count the amount of maternity t shirts I have come across that would add an extra twenty years onto my look and have found that with trousers no brand can seem to get it right. The waist bands either cut you in an attractive manner making you look larger than you are or they dig into your skin as tummy grows. And I still have trouble with being a short women; normally I would be able to opt in to buying trousers in a 28 or 30 inch leg length but that seems to have bypassed the thoughts of many maternity wear manufacturers and I have been left with maternity trousers and leggings more suitable for a giraffe than my grumpy pregnant self.

When I was pregnant with my eldest I was able to pop into at least four or five different clothes shops in my town centre where as now the only place to buy maternity clothes in my town is a small section in a New Look comprising of around 10 items in which none are usually my clothing size and I am often stood in the bright white lights as if I was trying to find the perfect outfit for a fancy dress party. These days you need to buy online which normally I wouldn’t have a problem with when I am one stable clothes size. But that’s the thing about being pregnant – you are growing a child! Which means you are growing and will continue to grow and change shape over the course of around nine full months. If there was ever a time I wanted to actually use the claustrophobic changing rooms in an overly warm and stuffy shop it is when I am not sure if something is actually going to fit me which is the exact reason for me needing to buy a new wardrobe full of clothes.

So that is my argument for why I am putting Frumpy Maternity Clothes into the Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something Room 101; what do you think would you put it in too?

14 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Room 101 : Frumpy Maternity Clothes

  1. I hate clothes shopping also, so I can only imagine how it is for someone who is pregnant! This stuff is good to know since we are hoping to be pregnant soon 🙂

  2. I bought a lot of maternity clothes from next, new look and mothercare. I liked it because it was the only time I treated myself to new clothes haha

    1. I haven’t bought this amount of ‘new’ clothes for such a long time but it’s not an enjoyable experience hehe

  3. Why is it always florals or stripes!? We have so much more choice than our parents had for sure but looking at maternity sections in our local shops, it really doesn’t surprise me that people are resorting to buying non-maternity and just sizing up. I will say though one of my favourite items of clothing is from New Look Maternity-it’s the massive cosy jumper and is perfect for winter nights in front of my laptop! x

    1. I have resorted to buying a few tshirts in extra large sizes just so I don’t have to buy maternity t shirts but they’re very shapeless!

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