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Room 101 is a new weekly feature here on Random Thoughts Of a Twenty Something. The concept of Room 101 was first coined by writer George Orwell who penned the idea of a torture room in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four which reputedly contained “the worst thing in the world”. The idea of the Room 101 has later been developed into a place in which you would want to lock away your every day annoyances or phobias by the popular BBC programme of the same name. Every Sunday I will be sharing something with you that I want to put into the Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something Room 101. 

Last week I wrote about how maternity clothes have me wanting to avoid clothes shopping forever and this week I want to put Muggy Weather into my Room 101.

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Now I am one to moan about the weather regardless of its characteristic and I do like to think this makes me stereo-typically British but out of all the weather types when it is muggy is when I probably moan the most. Is it hot is it cold? No it’s somewhere in between with an increase in humidity that makes my hair more fluffy than a one of my kids cuddly toys. It more often than not leaves individuals in a sticky sweaty clammy mess not knowing whether it is best to wear a jacket as it can be cold but when you do where an extra layer of clothing you’re left feeling as though you have done a work out in a hot yoga session.

When it is muggy it is often due to a change in air pressure which generally can be cleared with a good thunder storm or a bout of heavy rain. However this change in air pressure gives me and many others a ridiculously painful sinus and pressure headache. So not only am I sweating and feeling gross I have a headache that won’t clear and I end up wishing for a thunderstorm that I know I will thoroughly dislike when or IF it eventually arrives. This results in a very grumpy women!

So that is my argument for why I am putting Muggy Weather into the Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something Room 101; what do you think would you put it in too?

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Room 101 : Muggy Weather

    1. The past few weeks the weather has been all over the place here in the UK. I wouldn’t mind it if it was either hot or cold.

    1. I do a love a good moan about the weather but the mugginess we get here in the UK really does suck.

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