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Room 101 is a new weekly feature here on Random Thoughts Of a Twenty Something. The concept of Room 101 was first coined by writer George Orwell who penned the idea of a torture room in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four which reputedly contained “the worst thing in the world”. The idea of the Room 101 has later been developed into a place in which you would want to lock away your every day annoyances or phobias by the popular BBC programme of the same name. Every Sunday I will be sharing something with you that I want to put into the Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something Room 101.

Last week I argued that muggy humid weather was the worst type of weather form  there is and that I wanted the sweat inducing change in air pressure be locked away for ever more. This week I am taking a slightly different turn with putting a tangible thing into my Room 101 – that’s if you can bare to look at one let alone touch them.

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Spiders. You are either completely fine with them or you really really dislike the eight legged creepy crawlies – there’s never really an in-between feeling! I personally really do not like them. They are deceptively fast when they walk in their odd eight legged way that brings a cringe inducing panic over those that can’t bare the thought of them. They often curl their legs up making them seem like they are small and friendly and then bam- they stretch out and you realise that they are grotesquely larger than first anticipated!

They create webs that despite their beauty lure other insects to their death. They create lines of thread across door ways and paths that we do not realise are there so we walk straight through their sticky death traps bringing a fear that a live size spider is coming our way. And that web is ridiculously difficult to get off skin or clothes!
Whilst I appreciate that they can get rid of excess bugs in their vicinity and are part of the life cycle of making the insect world go round I do feel that a spiders goal in life is to bring torment to those around them; I mean most spiders not content with having eight legs also tend to have eight eyes too- all the better to see you with!

I would love to be a superhero but the ideology of not knowing if a spider bite will injure or kill me or actually make me turn into a fictitious wondrous courageous super strong climbing super hero never makes me want to run the risk of just saying hello to an arachnid.

So that is my argument for why I am putting Spiders into the Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something Room 101; what do you think would you put it in too?

11 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Room 101 : Spiders

  1. Since moving house we have had a lot more spiders around and it has scared my daughter a little. I’m fine with them which is a good thing so I can get rid of them for her!

    1. I used to not even be able to be in the same room as one but my phobia has lessened over the years. Still not great being around them!

  2. My OH is utterly terrified of spiders… No matter what size they are… But for me? I’ve never been able to understand why people are scared of all spiders. Now, the black widow I can understand. The Huntsman, I get… But the standard, everyday tiny little things? I just don’t understand why people are scared of something that small that you can, literally, crush with no effort…
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    1. It’s a difficult thing to explain if you are not afraid; it can feel a bit trivial but I guess we can not help what we have phobias for.

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