A Letter To Myself -Ten Years On From Collecting My GCSE Results

Today marks a weird kind of anniversary, one in which would normally make me feel incredibly old but instead I feel a huge sense of pride of what the past decade has taught me.

Dear Carla,
Today you will collecting your GCSE results but I know that isn’t what is concerning you the most on this sunny nerve inducing summers day. Unlike your peers who are anxious to find out if their grades will allow them to study the subjects they want at the colleges and sixth form centres in and around the town you have more life changing choices to make. GCSE results IS life changing but only in the short term; I can tell you now that in the grand scheme of our lives the grades you receive as a 16 year old don’t account for much the older you get it’s how you move on and grow and learn as an adult that really counts.
Your friends have butterflies in their stomachs and so do you but not for the same reasons. The secret you have hidden from all your friends over the summer months is about to be released into the big bad world making it more real and terrifying than it has felt over the past few weeks. And that’s the thing because up until now the secret has just been words spoken in your head, thoughts drifting from what ifs and how so’s. Today as your friends make their way to school to collect their envelopes to see their what reads within you know that is all they really need to think about and I know you are jealous because today your life changes forever.
As a child you have struggled to stand up for yourself and for what you want but today you will be bolder and braver than many adults could ever be. To say the words you need to say today regardless of the answer back will start your journey into adulthood with the stubbornness you are definitely going to need. It will be the foundation block of your adult personality of putting others before yourself by showing that you really can achieve great things when you put your heart into something. To put love before your pride will continue to be a characteristic in which you will hold on to on the upcoming darker difficult days. There will be too many dark days to count and your journey will not be easy, in fact from today your adult life will be utterly brutal at times but hold hope because eventually light will shine through and I can tell you that today you make one of the best decisions of your life and I promise you it is oh so worth every single second of hard work.
So walk tall and hold your head high as you walk into the school, your results are great anyway considering the year you’ve had, find that head of sixth form teacher and say those words that need to be said aloud:

“I’m pregnant and I want to continue my education. Can I stay here to do my AS levels or do I need to find a different place to study.”

P.S He really is the most incredible little boy and being a young parent has it’s many perks! x

20 thoughts on “A Letter To Myself -Ten Years On From Collecting My GCSE Results

    1. Thank you Jess. I think it is days like today that really make me realise how far we have come!

  1. It’s so weird looking back and thinking how much has changed since we all did our GCSE’s, I hope it all worked out for you in the end being pregnant and studying x

  2. I was terrified when I went to collect my GCSEs… And again with my A-levels… And in the end, I was even more scared when I didn’t get the grades to get into Uni… But in the end, it worked out fine because I self-taught myself what I needed as I worked. No matter how you do on exams, there’s always a way to get life on the right track.
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    1. I don’t feel very inspiring but I must have done something right to have the life I have now 😀

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