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Room 101 is a weekly feature here on Random Thoughts Of a Twenty Something that I’ve managed to miss out for a few Sundays now so hopefully this weeks post will get the ball rolling with sharing the feature each week again! The concept of Room 101 was first coined by writer George Orwell who penned the idea of a torture room in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four which reputedly contained “the worst thing in the world”. The idea of the Room 101 has later been developed into a place in which you would want to lock away your every day annoyances or phobias by the popular BBC programme of the same name. Every Sunday I will hopefully be sharing something with you that I want to put into the Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something Room 101.

So what do we have this week then that really needs to be hidden away in my Room 101?

Escalators. The mechanical moving stairs.

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Stairs should not move in any way shape or form. To me there is something quite unnatural about a metal stairway with hard corrugated steps with a banister that doesn’t even tend to move at the same speed as the stairs!
Now whilst I appreciate that they play their role when needing to climb large sets of steps and they can be helpful when you have limited mobility at times the element of pure pain one feels from falling down an average stairwell is massively increased when the stairs are made from strong metal and unfortunately I know this first hand having fallen down the ones as a child in the Millennium Dome (now the O2 Arena). I recently wrote that I really do not like escalators to the point that they bring on sheer panic at times. I used to refuse to ride one but my fear has died down a little over the years however extra large/steep escalators like the ones in many of the underground stations in London still have me feeling weak at the knees – not a feeling you want to have when you are about to embark on a busy stairwell that moves!

So that is my argument for why I am putting escalators into the Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something Room 101; what do you think would you put it in too?

9 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Room 101 : Escalators

  1. While escalators can be a bit unsettling and I wouldn’t little a child under 5 stand on them…I do their pluses outweigh the minuses,especially during a busy holiday season!

  2. I hate escalators too! They really make me panic when I’m with the children as they always have such steep steps and I struggle to hold all four children safe! We always wait for the lift now!

  3. I don’t mind escalators so much if they are a regular size but I hate the ones in London train stations as they are just so large!

    I’d put in clowns – I hate them and am dreading the film IT coming out

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