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Room 101 is a weekly feature here on Random Thoughts Of a Twenty Something. The concept of Room 101 was first coined by writer George Orwell who penned the idea of a torture room in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four which reputedly contained “the worst thing in the world”. The idea of the Room 101 has later been developed into a place in which you would want to lock away your every day annoyances or phobias by the popular BBC programme of the same name. Every Sunday I will be sharing something with you that I want to put into the Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something Room 101.

Last week I shared with you why I wanted to hide away escalators from the world but this week I want to share my thoughts on something more frustrating than scary.

A cancelled TV series.

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We live in a time when binge watching television programmes and box sets has become the norm for most households. Television allows us to see things we would never otherwise see and can allow us to immerse ourselves in alternate realities so we don’t worry about our own lives. We have all been there though when it comes to finding a TV show that we really enjoy or starting a box set that has the power to prevent us from being able to turn the screen off even though we are desperate for sleep. Just one more episode we tell ourselves. But then that one more episode doesn’t exist or that new series never arrives! Our favourite sy-fy show has been cancelled and all our beloved characters have been left on permanent cliffhanger storylines or our education has been stopped in it’s tracks when our most craved for documentary series has it’s funding cut meaning it won’t be returning to our screens again.
It’s so blumming frustrating to get caught up in a series only for it to unexpectedly come to an abrupt ending and our questions about the shows are never to be answered!

So that is my argument for why I am putting cancelled TV series’ into the Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something Room 101; what do you think would you put it in too?


10 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Room 101 : A Cancelled TV Series

  1. I have a ton of random thoughts all the time….but I like this one a lot. I have a lot of shows that I thought were good, get cancelled!

  2. YES! I can relate. The worst is when you are watching a TV series that is long and not all the questions are answered and the finale is a cliff hanger… NO!! Why do they do this to us?

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