Throwback Thursday : I Want To Ride My Bicycle

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Throwback Thursday is a weekly feature here on Random Thoughts Of A Twenty Something. It is said that a picture can paint a thousand words and I wanted a way of looking back and reflecting on my past whether it be recent or from years gone by. There’s something quite intimate and revealing about sharing photographs from our lives and I’m always intrigued about the story behind the lens.

As the summer holidays have ended and the children start a new year at school I often think back to their personal achievements over the years. Learning to ride a bike I think is one of the most memorable skills and occasion many adults look back on their childhood with fond memories. As a parent it definitely fills you with pride when your children take off without any form of stabilising and for me I struck gold when both the eldest two children learnt to ride unaided within a week of each other.

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In this image Nevaeh was sat on Elliots bike as the stabilisers had not yet been taken off her own bike so she had been using her elder brothers bike to practice on. The photograph is grainy and the wind was blowing their long hair into their faces but I look back on this day with amazement at how supportive the eldest was when the limelight was suddenly taken away from him as his sister showed off her new found skill that he had spent so long perfecting. They looked so happy and proud at their accomplishments as they posed for the camera on that sunny afternoon a few years ago!

What do you think of my photograph? Don’t forget to check back next Thursday to see what image I have chosen to share with you!

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