24 before I’m 24

Similar to a bucket list this is a compilation of 24 things I wish to accomplish or par take in before I turn 24! I believe that we should all take a little time for ourselves to help with our own wellbeing-self worth-enjoyment and work towards our own personal dreams or goals from the most outrageous to the more realistically achievable. With this little list of mine I wish to help inspire you and others to achieve your own goals and think about adding a little ‘me time’ into your life!


What things are on your bucket list?!

52 thoughts on “24 before I’m 24

  1. I tried to read 30 books last year and it didn’t happen. I don’t think I was having a good time on the book reading front. Then again I think that crashed into this year. I’m pretty sure I’m only on book 5 and it’s June!! How many do you want to try and read or just as many as you can?
    When we were on holiday in Bristol two summers ago we went to Cardiff for a day trip (actually turned out we were there when the women’s football kicked off in Cardiff!). I dragged the boys to Cardiff Bay although we couldn’t do the actual experience.
    Last time I went ice skating I was on the ice for less than half an hour – prior to that I’d fallen over and bruised my coccyx so sort of gave up on ice skating. I do however love watching Ice Skating and think it’s so graceful. My favourite will always be when Torvill and Dean did Bolero at Sarajevo even though at the time I wasn’t even born!
    Lasagne from scratch sounds yummy. Can I come to tea that day?
    I have a Hello Kitty cross stitch upstairs that I’ve had for ages but not started yet.
    I don’t think I could do the Harry Potter films consecutively but we’re planning to get all the Star Wars ones ready for next May to watch them all in order.
    What kind of performance would you go and see at theatre or would it just be anything?
    We were in Blackpool during the summer as they were putting up the illuminations – unfortunately we were about four weeks early to see them actually on. Chris talked about going back to see the illuminations but we didn’t manage it.

    1. Well I survived the ice skating!!!! 🙂
      I’m hoping to read ATLEAST 24ish books; my aim for two a month seems resonable for the weeks my headaches are too bad for reading!
      Good luck with the last few weeks of pregnancy hun

      1. Yeah!! Well done! Did you enjoy it? Two a month is a good target. I finished one last night/this morning and started the next book pretty much straight after lol. Thank you – had 39wk appointment today was 2/5 and 40cm bump so we’re already to go. Come on baby!!!

  2. Some things on my bucket list.. hmm I never really thought about it. Maybe to visit the Eiffel tower, meet the queen of England, go to nova scotia (I’ve always wanted to go there for some reason). I guess I should have an actual “bucket list” …Cool post btw!

  3. What I really love about this is that it’s not all unaccomplishable tasks that seem to rediculously big to complete, it’s nice simple things, that I’ve never really thought would make it onto a bucket list type thing, like the fish and chips on the beach, this is actually an amazing post !!

    1. Thanks mate! That’s the idea nothing is too far out of arms reach and if you do your research it shouldn’t cost too much! Going to the seaside in the summer is something I do annually but I do tend to take the little things for granted sometimes

  4. I really like your list, there are some fun items on it. I am still working on my 101 things in 1001 days list, can’t seem to finish it though :/ but yours actually gave me some inspiration 🙂 thanks!

  5. That’s pretty ambitious list, Cara. The most I sought to do before I was 24 was to finish University and get a half-decent paying job.
    I made up for it after that though, by all these goals I’d achieve before 35 and “settling down” – which included seeing how far I could travel overland back home to Australia or New Zealand, after getting to London, and which I finally achieved in 1993 after living 2 years in London. Now I am back in Blighty again, however, wondering whether I should do the same thing with my (much younger) Aussie wife – and before we have kids, or perhaps even with young kids.
    What do you reckon – is there any time in your life you perhaps SHOULDN’T have a bucket list??

  6. Hi, Carla,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog to read “Wet Hair at the Hollywood Bowl” I especially like your item about finding more me time. Good luck with completing your list!

  7. What’s on my list? To visit all the relatives my husband and I have around the world. No time limit on that though although….so far I’ve only visited an aunt in Australia and I’m pleased I did as she’s now passed away.

  8. I like you and your writing! Keep it up. I am a few decades past your age (gosh it went fast) – and have done so much of what is on your list! Great list. You must camp all over the place as it is wonderful, and eat fish and chips on the beach. I think you should take a trip from south to north on the coast of California (I live in the north), absolutely take different types of exercise classes (including Tai Chi, and kick boxing – really fun and healthy, and read as many books as you can in a year – but hand held books…there is something wonderful about that.! Have a beautiful day, and life!

  9. wow, I love your list, it’s full of inspiration and well done for thinking of such great things. Good luck with all of them and looking forward to hearing how your getting on, thanks for sharing x

  10. What an energizing list. I’m terribly impressed with making it through the new recipe each month. I have a list of recipes calling me in my Pinterest recipe board that are now crying from neglect. I’m not sure I’ll ever make a pasta from scratch.

    Ok, at the risk of being a kill-joy, *cringe* – maybe you could hug a tree instead? I thought that carving our name in them, hurt them. Or, hey, what about planting a number of them? My friend loves to plant trees and there are programs that help you do so. I know our planet needs a lot more of them. 🙂

    Good luck with completing your list ! I love that you wrote them down.

  11. I did a 34 before 34, and completed about half of what I had on there… the biggest thing was learn to paddle board and I was successful! I think that made up for all the other things I missed out on! You inspired me to do a 35 before 35, as my birthday is soon approaching!

  12. A great list there. I have a list of things to do before I’m 40 – but there aren’t 40 things on it! I love that your list isn’t full of huge unachievable things and that you’ve clearly put a lot of thought into it. Good luck!

  13. Love the Victoria sponge one!!! I’m still trying to master that. Oh and lasagne!! Good luck!! Great list. X

  14. Great list and great idea! I’ll have to think about what to write on mine. Usually it’s at the end of the year that we sit around and ask each other – what are the 3 new things that you did this year. Hmmm….let me think…

  15. What a great list. Camping with 2 little ones will be a lot of fun, first time with toasted marshmallows over the fire, sounds of the night etc. Good luck with what you have left, sounds great.

  16. The list is a great idea for doing it before a certain age. Most of my bucket list things are hopes and dreams before I die. Except it’s sounding like I’ll get to cross kayaking off my list this summer. My best friend just started kayaking earlier this year and said she would be happy to teach me. She knows my physical limitations which will make all the difference.
    I hope you’ll get your list complete!

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