Hey there reader I’m Carla and this is my blog.

I’m in my early twenties and I am a mother to the most bonkers and random children.

 I’m a lover of cooking and food in general; especially cake and caffeine, music, crafting, being thrifty and talking nonsense. I enjoy reading, debating, being geeky and generally making people smile! The reason this blog is not entirely based on parenting and kiddie based lark is purely on the basis that this is MY little space on the bloggersphere and I have worked so hard to not just be seen as a mumma and caregiver; I am my own person underneath it all. You might find the odd swear word and probably some views you won’t agree with but please be open to different opinions.

Within this blog you can expect to see posts ranging from the average to weird, from talking about current affairs to parenting woes, my current achievements to my latest pitfall. Above all else if you want a realistic clue on what to look out for on this blog of mine then this is it: expect the unexpected because I can almost guarantee it will nothing but random thoughts.

** Do you want to work with me? Do you think your brand would benefit from being showcased on the blog? For more information and rates contact me at carlashreeves@googlemail.com **

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    1. I’ve been away for a short while. But I did notice this too I did ask Tara Jane if she knew why she had got rid of the page?! Hopefully someone can answer our queries! I hope she’s okay. I don’t have twitter so I never added her on there!!! 🙁

  1. This blog is a great read. Thanks for checking out my blog and for liking a post. I’m just getting started but I promise you I’m on a creative spree. Feel free to follow, I’ll definitely follow yours 🙂

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog the other day – thought I’d give yours a visit as well and am glad I did. Very nice blog! I look forward to reading more in the new year.

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